What is Gyrotonic?

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Gyrotonic is a type of exercise and training system. It involves the use of special exercise equipment that includes both weights and pulleys and combines principles of swimming, yoga and dance. It also incorporates principles of tai chi. Gyrotonic training seeks to stimulate the cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular systems of the body, using circular, fluid workouts.

Gyrotonic training is said to have a wide range of core benefits. For starters, Gyrotonic is said to encourage the development of strong muscles. It is also said to play a key role in increasing flexibility as well as improving coordination. It is credited with improving blood circulation and the movement of lymphatic fluid in the body. It may even increase energy.

Many who practice Gyrotonic training also claim that it is good for improving joint mobility, relieving pain, and strengthening the nervous system. For those concerned with aging gracefully, it is said to provide mental and physical stimulation that helps to slow the aging process. It may even help prevent osteoporosis. In some cases, it may also be beneficial if combined with physical therapy.

Gyrotonic was created by a Romanian-raised Hungarian named Juliu Horvath. He had a career that included ballet dancing and both competitive swimming and gymnastics. He moved to the United States in the 1960s and continued his career in ballet. Sadly, however, his career was ended due to an injury.


While injured, Horvath combined movements from physical activities that were important to him, including dance, gymnastics, and swimming. He combined these movements to create Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. These techniques were meant to help speed his recovery along as well as to aid him in developing the inner strength that he deemed important for supporting his physical strength. Today, he continues to work on the ever-evolving system he created as well as the equipment used in practicing it.

For Gyrotonic training, a person lies or sits on specially designed equipment and does low-impact exercises that are used to work the muscles and strengthen them gradually. The exercises are also intended to improve joint movement, spine flexibility and abdominal strength, which is said to improve stability and balance. The exercises are rhythmical, and the body is supported the entire time they are performed. Unlike other exercises, this system doesn't work to isolate the muscle groups. Instead, the body moves as it normally does, working the core muscles, no matter what part of the body is targeted at the time.


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