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Gyrokenesis® is an exercise modality which is intended to compliment other types of exercise to build a strong, healthy body. It is related to Gyrotonics®, which uses specialized equipment and individualized sessions, and is sometimes also compared to Pilates. The main intent of Gyrokenesis® is opening and strengthening the spine, along with the other muscles of the body. Enthusiasts believe that regular Gyrokenesis® practice can make someone more flexible and strong as well as more spiritually centered.

The concepts of Gyrotonics® and Gyrokenesis® were developed by Juliu Horvath. Horvath had extensive experience as an athlete in Europe before relocating to the United States, where he began to think about integrating the disciplines of dance and gymnastics into an exercise regimen. He invented the equipment associated with Gyrotonics®, and later conceived of Gyrokenesis® as a natural expansion of his movement work.

The format of Gyrokenesis® is much like a dance or yoga class. It is performed in a group setting, and led by a certified instructor. Students start out seated on benches, and they engage in a series of breathing exercises paired with self massage to “wake up” their bodies in preparation for the class ahead. Still seated on the bench, the students move through a series of flowing, circular stretches. Next, they move on to floor work, complimenting the Gyrokenesis® class with breathing exercises which are meant to benefit the body and balance the spirit.


Gyrotonics® uses a specialized machine to open and stretch the body. Students can take direction from an instructor in personalized sessions, and they can also purchase equipment for home use. Instruction from a Gyrotonics® trainer is recommended, so that students learn how to safely and accurately perform exercises on the machine.

According to Horvath, Gyrokenesis® encourages the mobilization of the spine and joints while also developing muscle strength and coordination. In addition, it promotes healthy circulation, by encouraging blood flow through the body with the breathing and physical exercises. It also compliments other physical activities such as Pilates, and is usually found offered at yoga and Pilates studios.

Horvath offers multiple certification trainings each year for people who would like to become Gyrokenesis® instructors. He also offers Master Training for advanced practitioners who want to offer certification courses of their own. Trainers can certify in Gyrokenesis®, Gyrotonics®, or both, depending on personal taste. Both trainings are broken up into two levels, basic and advanced, and are accompanied with written study as well as in-class work.


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