What is Guggul Gum?

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Guggul gum is a kind of sticky resin that is made by a tree chiefly found in the Middle East and parts of Asia. The leafless tree produces this “gum” that has been prized by different societies throughout human history. This plant essence has been used in traditional Ayurvedic Indian medicine.

In some ways, guggul gum is similar to myrrh, a classic natural compound where recorded use dates back to biblical times. Myrrh was classically used as a perfume and hygienic aid, as well as in various medicines. Myrrh is still used in modern times for its analgesic effects, as well as aroma and other properties.

Guggul tree gum has traditionally been used for all kinds of health purposes, to help alleviate conditions from arthritis to acne. It was also used as an anti-inflammatory agent to help the thyroid process. Today, people are still looking at guggul gum as a possible health booster.

Recent studies on guggul gum have focused on the effectiveness of this product in treating high cholesterol. The extract has been shown to be effective in this regard. Guggul gum is available in different forms including capsules, liquid extracts and teas.


Scientists say that guggul gum doesn’t interact well with some drugs, such as statins that also lower cholesterol. Some organic substances might not mix well with this product, either; some experts recommend not using the compound in combination with the St. John’s Wort plant. Pregnant women should also avoid taking guggul gum, according to many medical reports.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given guggul gum a rating of GRAS ( generally regarded as safe), however, individuals should always consult their doctors before using natural items like these for weight loss, lowering cholesterol, or any other purposes. Studies around this classical natural product illustrate how natural substances can be as effective as pharmaceutical products when it comes to treating some of the most common health conditions that exist around the globe. In this case, a product that originates in a specific global region has become notable all around the world and is exported to anywhere it can be useful in treating issues of weight, metabolism, and cholesterol levels. Learning more about natural dietary supplement products like the gum of the guggul tree can help nutrition-minded people to have a broader base of understanding about using the bounty of the Earth for health and fitness benefits.


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