What Is Green Tea Powder?

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Instant green tea powder is created by pressing dried tea at a low temperature. Many people use green tea powder to reap the benefits of green tea through a higher concentration than is available in a single glass of the beverage. Instant green tea is also popularly used in cooking, such as when preparing green tea cake.

Depending upon the type of green tea powder, the flavor of the product can vary. The most finely-ground teas often produce a creamy texture and savory taste. Chunkier teas with wider granules are typically more earthy in flavor. Some even emit a pleasant grassy taste that many people enjoy. Green tea powder may be a vibrant green, golden yellow, or other variants of these colors.

High-grade forms of green tea powder, such as Japanese matcha, are finely ground and used to flavor many different foods. Japanese sweets, such as mochi rice cakes, are flavored with the green tea, as is the popular dessert, green tea ice cream. Like other forms of green tea, matcha contains several nutrients, such as vitamin A and vitamin C. Potassium and iron may be found in green tea powder, as can fiber and antioxidants.


Specialty green tea drinks may be made much more cheaply at home with green tea powder. Frappucinos, iced green teas, and other green tea-based beverages are often made with the powder. It can be used with milk, water, or juice to create various flavor combinations as well. Smoothies and cocktails may also contain the drink powder.

Soba noodles, which are popularly eaten in Japanese cuisine, are made with powdered green tea. Puddings and pastries sometimes employ the ingredient in their recipes. Other tea blends may also call for powdered green tea as an ingredient.

Elegant Japanese tea ceremonies involve powdered green tea. Matcha in particular is prepared and presented as the highlight of the artful activity. The process is considered a healthful and enjoyable social activity that would not exist without the green tea, and the green tea powder in particular.

Powdered green tea is a low-cost ingredient. The cost varies depending upon the grade and quality of the powder. The ingredient can be purchased in many Asian food stores, as well as health food stores and specialty tea shops.


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@heavanet- Thank you for the tip, I will have to try using green tea powder this way. Usually, I add a few scoops to different flavors of brewed tea to create extra bold tea with a lot flavor.

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Green tea powder is great in power shakes and smoothies, especially those made with other green fruits and vegetables. The flavor of the green tea powder contrasts nicely with sweet ingredients and compliments other flavors perfectly. Mixing it into these beverages is also a great way to get all of the nutrient-rich power of this special tea.

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