What is Green Tea Lotion?

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Green tea lotion is formulated with green tea extract and it is used to reduce dryness in skin. It is known for quickly penetrating the epidermis. Along with hydration, green tea lotion can also be used to prevent premature aging of the skin. Whether green tea extract is consumed internally or applied topically, it helps to reduce the negative effects of over exposure to sun, pollution, or smoking. Skin conditions as well as skin injures can also be helped by using green tea lotion.

There are many types of lotions available that contain green tea extract because of all of the benefits associated with it. It is a powerful antioxidant that can help to fight off free radicals. These free radicals are primarily responsible for the aging of the skin. Free radicals can produce dry, wrinkled, and drooping skin. Green tea lotion not only helps to prevent premature aging, but it can also replenish and repair damaged skin, while increasing elasticity.


Skin conditions such as rosacea or skin that has been severely burned can also be soothed by using green tea extract. With either of these conditions, the skin can become reddened or irritated and pronounced blood vessels and scarring can also be seen. Small blisters or an acne-like rash can be a permanent result and green tea lotion can help to eliminate this rash. It greatly reduces the redness of the skin and soothes the area. Over time, the cells in the skin can be repaired and any scarring can also be eliminated.

Teenage acne can be treated by using green tea lotion. The lotion is not greasy or oily, so it will not settle into the pores. It helps to moisturize and protect the skin from the bacteria and dirt which is responsible for producing blemishes and pimples. This allows the pores to breath, which can also produce a healthier looking completion.

Green tea lotion can have certain negative side effects. It is often mixed with other ingredients when it is prepared as a lotion or cream, which can cause allergic reactions. While using certain kinds of prescription drugs, such as antibiotics or sedatives, negative interactions with green tea extract have been reported. Any form of green tea should be avoided while undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer.

Green tea extract is an ingredient found in many wrinkle serums, but there is no scientific evidence that it has any healing properties. In lotion form, it is regarded as a cosmetic and has no medicinal value. Any skin that is severely damaged should be assessed by a dermatologist.


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Post 4

I did experience interactions with green tea lotion while using a sedative. Also, there seems to be a mild caffeine effect which kept me up when I took it at night. Vitacost has some green tea lotions available on their site.

Post 3
@feruze-- I get mine from a beauty supply store. It's a local store so I don't think you've heard of it. I do know that Avon used to carry a green tea lotion at some point, but I have no idea if they still do.

Are you looking for a green tea face lotion or body lotion? If you're looking for a face product, Proactiv has one with green tea in it. I think it's for dry skin, but it's a gel formula. I'm not sure whether you like gel formulas or not. I did for a short time use the Proactiv one but I didn't find it very impressive.

Also, have you checked organic stores? Many organic brands make products with green tea. Off the top of my head I can think of Alba Botanica. Even some pharmacies carry their green tea series nowadays.

Good luck! I hope you find a nice green tea lotion that works for you!

Post 2

@burcidi-- Where do you get your green tea lotion?

I have really sensitive, dry skin and I've been hearing good things about green tea lotion for this skin type. But I haven't been able to find it at stores near me!

I can find green tea extract, but not lotion with the extract in it. I've even thought about mixing some of the extract into my dry skin lotion but I'm sure that would be disastrous.

Post 1

I love green tea body lotion, especially in the summer. I've been using it for the past three years and I think it's the best lotion I have used.

I spend my summers on the beach, so I'm exposed to sun and salt water a lot. The first time I tried green tea lotion, I noticed that it took away that slight burning sensation I get on my skin after staying too long under the sun. Green tea lotion really cools down skin and helps get rid of the redness. I feel like it's preventing my skin from getting spots and wrinkles due to the sun too.

It's not the cheapest body lotion on the market. But I think the benefits are worth the price so I'm going to keep buying it.

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