What is Green Superfood?

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Green superfood are natural foods that are loaded with an abundance of nutrients that are above and beyond what is contained in most foods. In some cases, a green superfood is not only considered a source of nutrition but also a means of treating various types of health conditions. Blends of two or more green superfoods are often sold in health food stores and similar outlets.

One of the distinguishing characteristics that many examples of green superfood share is that the foods are not considered traditional fare in many Western cultures. For example, several types of seaweed are considered to be highly nutritious, but are rarely served outside of ethic selections such as Korean or Thai cuisine. However, the high nutritional value of seaweed has led to the development of a number of green superfood products of this type. The choices range from dried seaweed that can be consumed as a tasty snack to prepared seaweed that may be used as an ingredient in a main dish or as an appetizer.


Barley grass and wheat grass are also two natural foods that are considered to be green superfood. Often, the liquid from both types of grass is extracted in order to create the base for a highly nutritious drink. Because of the high content of vitamins and minerals, the juice can be used to help correct imbalances in the diet, especially for people who do not take the time to eat properly. Organic superfood options like these two grasses can also help to provide a burst of energy without relying on added sugar and carbohydrates, making them an ideal source of nutrition for people with blood sugar problems.

In recent times, products that use the acai berry as the basis for the formula of the food product have become increasingly popular. Along with the high content of various vitamins and minerals, these products are also often used as part of weight loss programs. This is because of the amount of energy generated from the products, with the result that individuals feel full and want to engage in more physical activity. As a result, stored fat is turned into energy and consumed by the body.

A number of brand name green superfood products are now available in stores and online, including blends such as Fruta®. As more people become aware of the need to correct poor eating and exercise habits, there is no doubt green superfood will become a more common element at just about every dinner table.


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Post 2

@watson42- I once knew someone who drank something similar, some kind of green superfood drink, and claimed it was all athletes needed for things like running endurance. However, since it doesn't really have many calories or any protein, I am extremely skeptical. This person said that runner should never eat carbohydrates like pasta, which goes against everything I have heard. I didn't take it seriously either.

Post 1

I had a teacher who drank this awful-looking juice she called "super greens" that was made out of different super green foods, I think including wheatgrass and seaweed. She would lecture us at length about how it was the best possible fuel and it made her extremely healthy- but she was also overweight and did not exercise, so I really didn't take it very seriously.

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