What Is Green Cardamom?

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Green cardamom is a spice that is derived from the ginger family of herbs and is known for its spicy-sweet taste and strong aroma. The pods of the cardamom plant, which are also used in black cardamom and Madagascar cardamom, must be dried and stored carefully because they rapidly lose their taste and scent after being ground. Green cardamom is slightly more expensive than most spices.

Cardamom can be found growing in tropical environments, either in the wild or cultivated for sale. It is common practice to grow this plant in partially cleared rain forests, which provides some shade. Harvest occurs between the late fall and early winter, just before the plants reach maturity. This prevents the pods from splitting and drying. It also ensures that they maintain their green color and high quality.

Another name for green cardamom is "grains of paradise." This spice originated in India as early as the eighth century. The largest producer of green cardamom remains India, but because of the large domestic demand in India, only a fraction of it can be exported.


There are several uses for green cardamom, including medicinal and culinary uses. When cooking with this plant, there are several methods that can be used. The roots can be boiled and eaten like potatoes, the roots can be used as greens when cooked, and the pods can be used split, whole or ground. It also can be chewed and eaten just as one would chew a nut.

Foods that would go well with this spice include curry, chicken, duck and lentils. Oranges, peas, rice and squash also go will with green cardamom. It should not be bought in seed form, because it will have lost most of its flavor.

In India, green cardamom is used to treat infections of the mouth, and some people believe that it can cure obesity. The plant has stimulant and carminative properties, so it is also used to treat ailments such as flatulence and indigestion. Some people say that can be used as an antidote for snake and scorpion venom. Others use it as a breath-freshener, but this might be dangerous because repeated use could thin the blood.


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Post 2

@rundocuri- I have a friend who is from India, and she frequently uses green cardamom in her recipes. I can tell you from experience eating the food she makes that green cardamom does have a rich, bold flavor that enhances everything from vegetables to meats to desserts.

If you want to try your hand at cooking with this unique spice, first you have to find it. Sometimes it is difficult to locate, so you might have to shop at a specialty store that sells imported spices. You can also look online.

When you cook with green cardamom, you can basically use it in any dish that typically calls for ginger. You can also add it by itself to

dishes like grilled fish, roasted vegetables, and fruit pies.

I think that it is important to use green cardamom sparingly when you cook with it for two important reasons. First of all, its bold flavor can become overpowering if you use too much. Also, this spice can be quite costly, so you will want to use green cardamom in moderation to make it last as long as possible.

Post 1

I like to use ginger when I cook, so I'm wondering if green cardamom can be used in its place. I prefer bold spices, and based on the article, green cardamom sounds like it has the kind of flavor I like to add to the dishes I make.

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