What Is Green Bean Stir-Fry?

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A green bean stir-fry is a dish made by frying green beans and other ingredients at a heat that is high enough that the food must be stirred more or less continuously as it is cooking. Though this type of dish would traditionally be made in a wok, which is a deep pan with steep sides specially designed to maintain high temperatures while food is being cooked, it is also possible to make it in a frying pan that has been heated to a high temperature. Though the primary ingredients in a green bean stir-fry are green beans, there are a variety of other vegetables, meats, and seasonings that are commonly used in these dishes.

Of course, green beans are the main ingredient in a green bean stir-fry. Many different varieties of green beans can be eaten, though some of the most common are blue lake, haricot vert, and Kentucky blue. All of these beans are picked from the bean plant before they are fully ripe, when the seeds inside the bean shells are still soft and sweet in flavor.


A variety of other ingredients can also be used in a green bean stir-fry. Stir fries are traditionally made and eaten in Asian nations and so many of these dishes utilize Asian seasonings, such as ginger, soy sauce, black bean paste, and rice wine vinegar. Other vegetables, such as bok choi, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and broccoli may also be used in a green bean stir-fry. Tofu or any kind of meat is also common.

In order to make a green bean stir-fry, the wok or other cooking vessel needs to be brought to a high heat. Once it is hot, oil is added and allowed to come to temperature. The seasonings are then added, and the green beans and other ingredients are thrown into the wok or pan and allowed to cook quickly. When this dish is cooked at a high heat, the green beans are usually finished cooking after only a couple of minutes.

After cooking, a green bean stir-fry is often served on a bed of rice so that the flavor of the sauce seeps into the rice. It is also possible to serve this dish plain, over pasta, or wrapped in a tortilla. In any case, green bean stir-fry is best eaten hot, immediately after it is cooked.


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