What Is Greek Yogurt with Honey?

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Greek yogurt with honey is made by combining strained yogurt, which removes most of the liquid whey, with pure honey to act as a sweetener. Most of the time commercial Greek yogurts using honey come in flavors such as vanilla, strawberry or orange, and may even contain added sugars to increase sweetness. Using plain Greek yogurt, which has a neutral flavor and a thick texture, is often mixed with honey at home to use in recipes such as frozen yogurt or yogurt frostings for cupcakes or cakes. Many times a Greek yogurt with honey contains added probiotic bacteria and twice the amount of protein than traditional yogurt, helping to market this type of yogurt as a healthier yogurt alternative.

A commercial Greek yogurt is thick and creamy, with a texture close to room temperature cream cheese. Plain yogurt is strained when making Greek yogurt, removing the watery whey from the food. Some manufacturers make Greek yogurt with honey by combining the two ingredients, plus other added flavorings, creating a sweet and tasty yogurt suitable for snacks or dessert. Honey is often the main sweetening agent, yet some Greek yogurt manufacturers may use added sweeteners like sugar or corn syrup to boost flavor and palatability.


More often than not, a Greek yogurt with honey has added flavorings like vanilla or lemon. This is the most common type of Greek yogurt, yet varieties containing strawberry or blueberry flavorings are also quite common in Greek yogurt with honey. Added probiotic bacteria, which is needed for intestinal health and for feeding gut flora, is also commonly added to Greek yogurt containing honey to boost nutrient content. This often provides an extra leverage in marketing the yogurt, boosting its claims of being a healthier alternative to regular yogurt or other sweet food items.

Often, a Greek yogurt sweetened with honey may also be touted as being naturally sweetened, and some yogurts with honey may include only organic ingredients. Since Greek yogurt is often low in fat and contains twice the amount of protein as conventional yogurt, many nutritionists recommend a Greek yogurt for its health benefits, sweetened only with honey or other natural sugars. Although Greek yogurt may be healthy for most individuals, it should be noted that those with diabetes should avoid consuming large amounts of Greek yogurt sweetened with honey. This natural sweetener is still a sugar, and most individuals with blood glucose issues should only use small amounts when sweetening foods or incorporating in recipes.


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Post 3

Does Greek yogurt with honey also have sugar in it? Is it very sweet?

I personally don't like extremely sweet yogurt. I eat plain yogurt all the time. But my daughter hates plain yogurt and I'm trying to get her to eat some (for more calcium and protein in her diet among other things). So I thought I would try Greek yogurt with honey and see if she likes that.

Post 2

@donasmrs-- I don't make my own yogurt, but I buy plain Greek yogurt and add honey, fruits and sometimes cereal to it at home. I don't like some of the ingredients in ready-made yogurts either. It's also cheaper to buy a larger container of Greek yogurt and add stuff to it at home. I agree with you, it's yummy.

Post 1

I was in Greece last summer and I ate a lot of Greek yogurt with honey during my visit. It was a staple snack/appetizer at all the restaurants I visited. People even eat it for breakfast.

But I must say that the yogurt I had in Greece was quite amazing. It's nothing like the commercial Greek yogurts sold in grocery stores. I don't think Greek yogurt is meant to be pre-mixed with honey. The honey should be added right before eating to homemade strained yogurt. It's served with fresh bread.

I recommend everyone who loves Greek yogurt with honey to make it at home. I make homemade yogurt, strain it myself and use high quality honey. It's fantastic, it's a super-food and perfect for dessert or after a workout.

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