What is Grapefruit Aromatherapy Oil?

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Grapefruit aromatherapy oil is an essential oil extracted from the rinds of grapefruits. It has a clean, refreshing scent. In aromatherapy, it can be inhaled or mixed with a carrier oil or lotion and applied to the skin. Grapefruit aromatherapy oil is used to uplift the mood, reduce cellulite, cleanse the skin, and relieve nasal congestion.

Aromatherapy is a type of holistic alternative medicine that uses the scents of various plant essential oils to bring about changes in the body and improve health. The most common types of aromatherapy involve massage with essential oils, or inhaling the scents with the use of diffusers.

Grapefruit aromatherapy oil can be extracted from any type of grapefruit. The resulting oil has a watery texture, with a pinkish or yellowish color, depending on the variety used. Like all citrus oils, grapefruit aromatherapy oil is extracted using a cold-press method. The rind is generally softened by a machine that pricks it with small pins to abrade the surface. The oil can be removed with a sponge, or with a centrifuge.


In aromatherapy, grapefruit oil can be inhaled directly from the bottle used in a diffuser to scent a room. Diffusion can be done with a simple method, such as placing a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and allowing the scent to escape, or mixing the oil with water to make a room spray. More complex diffusers use heat or electric vaporizers to release the scent of the oil.

Aromatherapists believe grapefruit oil helps relieve stress and depression. It is also used as a diuretic and appetite suppressant. Grapefruit aromatherapy oil is believed to have a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver, so it is often used in treatments to cleanse or detoxify the body. It can also be used to strengthen the immune system and prevent colds or relieve congestion in the chest and sinuses.

Grapefruit aromatherapy oil is safe to apply directly to skin, although it can cause photosensitivity. The oil can be mixed with a skin cleanser to remedy oily skin. Grapefruit oil also has astringent properties, so it tightens pores and leaves the skin looking fresh. Mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil or sweet almond oil, grapefruit oil can be used in aromatherapy massage to ease joint pain swelling, as well as to reduce the appearance of cellulite. It may also be added to a bath for its skin benefits.


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