What is Good Feng Shui for the Bedroom?

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Practitioners of feng shui believe that good feng shui draws positive energy, or chi, into the home, while expelling negative energy. Some choose to focus on the feng shui of their whole home, while others just focus on one particular area, such as good feng shui for the bedroom. Creating good feng shui for the bedroom is intended to create a calming environment for sleep and relaxation, while also creating a sensual environment for love and sex.

The practice of feng shui for the bedroom relies heavily on furniture placement in the room. There are two ways to do this; the first is through a mapping technique, where a rough layout of the room is drawn and divided up into nine squares. Each of these nine squares then represents a certain area of one's life, such as wealth, knowledge, family, or romance, just to name a few. The second method is known as feng shui bagua, and uses the directional points of north, south, east, and west, as well as the earth elements such as fire and water, to dictate the arrangement of furniture and decor.


Both of these specific methods may be researched in books or online. There are a number of general tips for feng shui for the bedroom that can still make a big difference in the environment of the room, however. It is believed that the bed should be placed in the far right corner of the room, but not directly underneath a window or across from the door, which can cause the flow of negative energy. To receive the most positive energy, the bed may be placed to the left of the window.

One might also choose to remove electronic devices such as a telephone, computer, or television set from room in order to create good feng shui for the bedroom. It is best not to work in bed or in the bedroom, because this is counter-intuitive to the calming, restful energy that is important in the room. Decorate with calming colors, and lights that can be dimmed at night to create a peaceful environment. Open the windows in the room often in order to get more fresh air and a good flow of positive energy.

Decor is important when creating good feng shui for the bedroom as well. It is believed that items such as oval mirrors or paired candlesticks placed in the bedroom can help with romantic areas of one's life. Decorate the room with pictures of loved ones as well. All of these tips may help to create a positive environment in the bedroom, but there is no reason to stop there; try feng shui in other areas of the house as well.


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