What is Goji Juice?

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The goji berry has been hailed of one of nature's superfoods. The liquid extract from this superfruit, goji juice, is a popular health drink. Goji berry juice is known for its anti-aging and other healthful properties.

Also known as wolfberry juice, goji juice is largely accepted as a medicinal aid by homeopaths because of its antioxidant content. These antioxidants may be serve as remedies against inflammatory disease, neurological problems, cancer, heart disease, vision problems, and immune disorders. In traditional Chinese medicine, goji tea is used to combat bacteria, fungus, and other health issues.

Other goji juice benefits may also include better memory and a decrease, or overall cure, of instances of insomnia. Some people report a reversal of sexual dysfunction. Some pregnant women have found the juice to be helpful in alleviating morning sickness. Hepatitis B, obesity, and other problems have also been eased by drinking the juice. People who detox their bodies may use this juice to do so.

Lower cholesterol may be a benefit from drinking the juice. Hormonal regulation can also result from including goji products in the diet. This may result in a clearer complexion for some people. Some claim that it can also help regulate the metabolism and raise energy.


Nutritionally, goji berry fruit juice has many benefits. It contains 19 amino acids, eight of them considered essential amino acids. The berries are rich in trace minerals. 21 minerals, including selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and calcium, can be found in the fruit. Other nutrients the juice contains include vitamin E, B vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Goji juice also contains greater amounts of beta carotene and vitamin C by weight than carrots and oranges respectively.

Goji juice may not be safe for all people. At least two cases of severe bleeding are believed to have been caused by the fruit. People who take warfarin, or other anticoagulants, should consult with a physician before consuming goji berry products. Goji juice also contains a toxic alkaloid known as atropine. Its amount in the product, however, is typically well below the level considered toxic to humans.

In addition to juice, wolfberries are used in several other beverages. Herbal tea, wine, and beer may be made with the fruit. It is also used in an instant Chinese coffee drink. Goji berries themselves are used in many culinary endeavors as well. The fruit is grown in Tibet, China, and other parts of Asia.


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Post 7

There are a lot of resources that talk about goji juice health benefits. My sister drinks 1-2 ounces every day as part of her morning routine. She says it gives her more energy and helped lower her blood pressure.

She has also been working hard at eating healthier and losing weight, so that might have something to do with her blood pressure too.

The goji juice she drinks really tastes pretty good. I have tasted some of those super juice drinks that I didn't like the taste of, but her goji juice is good, and it would be easy to drink on a daily basis.

Post 6

@myharley - I understand your hesitation about spending that much money on a bottle of goji juice. Some companies will offer you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Freelife goji juice is one company that offers a 90 day money back guarantee. They sell a himalayan goji juice that they make several claims about.

This would be one way to try it and not feel like you were out the money if you didn't get the results you were looking for.

Post 5

I have read a lot about the benefits of drinking goji juice. When you try to compare different companies online, there are a lot of convincing goji juice testimonials on every website.

I find it hard to know if they are really true, or they just make it look like they are testimonies from real people. When I look at the prices for one bottle of juice, I have a hard time convincing myself to try it.

I guess the best thing would be to try one bottle and see if I noticed a difference. It doesn't sound like it can hurt anything by trying it.

Post 4

@summing- at least one Goji strain grows wild in the UK- I actually have relative there who have to cut them down! My guess is that if it can grow there, you could grow it in the US, since our growing season is longer. I bet you could find a plant nursery or even someone at an arboretum in your area who could tell you more about whether or not it would succeed...I know if I had the time to devote to a garden, I would love to grow goji berries, among other things.

Post 3

I have had goji berry juice but I have never seen a goji berry or the plant that it grows on. Does anyone know anything about these plants and if they can be grown in North America?

I love exotic fruits and I have a piece of land in Georgia where I have been able to successfully grow lots of fruits not native to the area or the continent. I am always looking to add another. Maybe the goji berry will become my new project!

Post 2

A few years a go I was having a lot of health problems and my doctor told me that I needed to lower my cholesterol. He put me on a prescription drug, told me to eat better and start exercising and he also recommended that I start drinking goji berry juice.

I had never heard of the juice before but I figured I would give it a try. I also cut a lot of fat out of my diet, started exercising regularly and lost weight. My cholesterol returned to a normal level and my heart problems have nearly vanished.

I have stopped taking the prescription medication but I do still drink the juice. I see no reason to cut it out of my diet. It was a big part of my getting well and I think I'm still feeling the benefits.

Post 1

I have been drinking goji berry juice every day for years. I usually drink about 5 ounces around lunch time. In the winter I will also occasionally drink the tea.

I absolutely believe in the health benefits of the juice but I mostly drink it for the taste. I honestly like it better than just about any other kind of juice. I think its a win win situation.

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