What is Goat Milk Lotion?

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Goat milk lotion is a lotion that uses goat milk as a key ingredient to hydrate the skin. Dairy products are often used for skin care. Yogurt, for example, can be used as a face mask in order to both soften and cleanse the skin. Goat milk is a common dairy product used in hydration and cleansing products. In addition to goat milk lotion, there are also bar soaps and body washes that are made with goat milk.

In many cases, the emollient qualities in goat milk lotion are complemented by emollients that come from plant products. Olive oil, for example, which offers great hydration and protection benefits to the skin, can be used in goat milk lotion in order to add to the overall emollient qualities of the lotion. They are also sometimes scented with essential oils such as lavender. Sometimes this product is specially formulated for people with sensitive skin, both adults and children. It is quite common for children to be more sensitive to skin products than adults and, for this reason, there are some skin care companies that sell goat milk lotion specially formulated for kids.


It is common for goat milk lotion to be used by people who prefer to use natural products in their skin care regimen. Some people do not like to use products that have synthetic or non-organic materials in them, and it is common for goat milk lotion to be made with all organic materials. This is largely a result of the organic movement, which teaches that using organic products is both healthier for humans as individuals and better for the earth because they can be grown and harvested in a manner that is considered to be sustainable for the environment.

Products made with natural and organic ingredients such as goat milk lotion are often pricier than products made with synthetic or non-organic ingredients. This is because growing and harvesting natural, organic products is often a more expensive enterprise than developing synthetic or non-organic ingredients. A family-sized bottle of goat milk lotion, for example, can be as expensive as $15 USD (US Dollars) or more. A bottle of lotion of the same size made with non-organic or synthetic ingredients may be as little as $2 or $3 USD. The difference in price between different kinds of lotion is similar in products that are formulated specifically for children with sensitive skin.


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