What is Ginseng Royal Jelly?

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Ginseng royal jelly is a combination of both ginseng and royal jelly. Ginseng is an ancient Chinese herb known to aid in diabetes and also improve sexual dysfunction in older men. Royal jelly can be harvested from the hives of honey bees, and it is also a food source for queen bees. It has various uses, including healing wounds, stimulating the growth of the brain's stem sells and lowering cholesterol.

Royal jelly is the exclusive food source for queen bees, and it may very well be the reason for their increased size and strength. Queen bees may also live up to 40 times longer than normal worker bees. Royal jelly is secreted from facial glands of worker bees, and it is fed to queen bees in the colony. Many beauty products may also contain royal jelly, which is considered to be a complete natural food source due to the fact that it contains a high number of antioxidants and nutrients.

Ginseng has often been referred to as the most popular Chinese herb. Many energy drinks and teas may contain ginseng. The herb contains vitamin A and selenium.


Ginseng royal jelly is often taken by individuals to improve general health and vitality. It is believed that this substance may aid in blood circulation, improve the immune system and also assist in the bone marrow function in the blood. It may also contain a high amount of carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium and proteins. It may also inhibit the growth of cancerous cells in the body, and it has also been recommended to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

It is recommended that persons suffering from asthma and related allergies consult their health care practitioners before taking ginseng royal jelly. Royal jelly has been known to negatively affect individuals that are allergic to bee stings. The side effects may include respiratory problems and severe allergic reactions. Some of the side effects of ginseng may include insomnia, nausea and headaches.

Ginseng royal jelly is believed to be an all-natural product. It does not contain any alcohol, preservatives or artificial flavors. It is recommended that two capsules be taken daily, either in the morning or at night. It is available in liquid form and may often contain added honey and glucose.


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Post 4

I have a daughter who is 8 year old, one of twins. I realize that she has a very short memory and doesn't function well at school. Do you think that Ginseng Royal Jelly will help? Se is also suffering from eczema. Please I really need help.

Post 3

@ZipLine-- From my experience, ginseng royal jelly that comes in glass vials tend to be fresher. The downside is that they're difficult to ship. So if you buy them online, some of the vials may break before they get to you which has happened to me before. But in terms of potency, I do think that liquid ginseng royal jelly is more effective than the capsules.

Ginseng royal jelly has many benefits. I take it for allergies. My friend takes it for erectile dysfunction. It works for both of us.

Post 2

I want to buy a good ginseng royal jelly product. I think they either come in capsules or in little vials. Which type is best? Does it matter in terms of effectiveness?

Post 1

I take a red ginseng and royal jelly supplement for energy. I suffered from hypothyroidism last year and even though my thyroid hormone levels are back in the normal range, my fatigue continues. Ginseng and royal jelly supplements have been very beneficial. I can actually find the energy to get up and go to work now.

I've also noticed that ginseng and royal jelly have immune boosting properties. I usually get sick a few times every winter. This winter, I did not get sick even once and I attribute it to this supplement.

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