What Is Ginseng Green Tea?

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Ginseng green tea is a variety of green tea that blends tea leaves with ginseng, a perennial plant. There are a number of species of ginseng, the roots of which are used for herbal healing and medicinal properties. Ginseng is believed, among herbalists, to be a very powerful and useful plant for a number of health issues and for the promotion of general wellness. The exact uses and benefits of the ginseng depend on the species. As such, the benefits of a ginseng green tea will depend on the kind of ginseng that is blended with green tea.

There are three main types of ginseng: American ginseng, Chinese ginseng, and Siberian ginseng. Chinese ginseng is also sometimes called "Korean ginseng" or "Panax ginseng." It is this type of ginseng that is generally preferred, but there are people who have preferences for the other two options. There are subcategories of ginseng and other less common categories of ginseng, but these three are the most common. Depending on the tea manufacturer, one or more of these types of ginseng may be used to make ginseng tea.


The main reason people drink ginseng green tea is to get the benefits of green tea and the benefits of ginseng in one cup. Green tea offers a high dose of antioxidants, has a low level of caffeine for people who are looking for just a little boost of energy, and is known to assist with general wellness within the body. It has also been used to help fight and prevent cancer.

Gingseng is known to boost one's energy without any caffeine and is believed to help assuage stress. Blended to make ginseng green tea, these two ingredients offer a number of health benefits. They also deliver an energy boost that won't leave the drinker as jittery as a shot of espresso might.

In addition to being blended with green tea, ginseng is also sometimes blended with white tea leaves and with oolong tea leaves. Sometimes it is steeped on its own without any other tea leaves or herbal infusion ingredients. Whether ginseng tea is consumed on its own or in a blend with green tea leaves to make ginseng green tea, the drink usually has a very bright, if not somewhat astringent flavor. The flavor can take some getting used to, but there are many herbalists and ginseng enthusiasts who swear by ginseng despite the flavor.


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Post 3

There are so many different kinds of herbs and plants in Asia, I was really surprised to find out that ginseng was the most widely used one. It's also really valuable, or it used to be before it started being produced commercially. I have a friend who has studied herbs and plants with medicinal properties and knows all about it. He recommends that we use wild ginseng because it is much more effective but its also hard to find because there is just so much worldwide consumption.

Ginseng is recommended for so many reasons, I don't even think we can list all of them. The Latin name of it means "all healing" so it basically helps the body maintain a balance. My mom drinks it for diabetes and high blood pressure. I just drink it for energy, especially when I have to work overtime to finish a project.

Post 2

I drink ginseng green tea regularly. I started drinking tea bags but later noticed that the kind of ginseng that was being used was never noted on the box of tea. I've heard that some companies use ginseng leaves rather than the root, but its the root that is the beneficial part of the ginseng plant. What I've started doing now is I purchase loose green tea and ginseng root from Asian stores. It's called "ninjin" and you can find it in the spice or tea isle. I make a pot of green tea and boil a piece of ginseng root with it and it tastes much different than the tea bags. If you don't like the taste of the tea bags or don't feel energized after you have some, you should try making it yourself this way.

Post 1

Has anyone tried the green tea with ginseng varieties in the store that come in large bottles or cans in the juice section? I've been drinking hot green tea with ginseng and usually add honey myself. I like brewing tea but it's not really possible at work. If I hear good things about the ready made green teas, I might keep some in the office to have during the day. Also, I think there is both honey and lemon ginseng green tea available. Does one taste better than the other?

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