What is Gauze Cloth?

Janis Adams

A non-medical gauze, gauze cloth is a fabric with a loose open weave. It is a semi-sheer, lightweight fabric. Gauze cloth is used to make clothing and also to fashion diapers. It is highly absorbent and also quite comfortable to wear.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

Gauze cloth is a lightweight and airy fabric. It is often transparent, and when made into clothing often necessitates the wearer to put something on under the gauze garment for the sake of modesty. The open-textured fabric is most often worn during the summer months or in warmer climates. It is usually fashioned into garments intended for wear during colder temperatures.

Originally made of silk, gauze cloth is made from a number of different fibers, but most commonly cotton and wool. Cotton gauze cloth is especially comfortable during times of elevated temperatures, as it tends not to cling to the skin of the person wearing it. It also allows for air to flow freely through it.

While both cotton and silk are organic fibers, gauze fabric is also fashioned from non-organic fibers. These fibers include viscose, rayon, and acetate, among others. Synthetic fibers are also often added to the cotton, silk, or wool fibers. For example, a hint of lycra is often added to cotton cotton gauze fabric to create added wearability and durability. With the addition of lycra, the gauze fabric becomes a stretch knit.

Gauze clothe is made into many different clothing items. Some items made from gauze clothe are women's blouses and scarves. This cloth is also a common choice for diapers for both children and adults, as it is a well-wearing and quite durable fabric.

Due to its wash and wear quality, gauze fabric, especially that with a light addition of lycra, has become the fabric of choice for travel wear for many people. Pants, skirts, and shirts for the person on the go made from gauze cloth are often the first choice when packing for a trip. The reason they are a ready choice is that clothing constructed from this fabric does not necessitate ironing before wearing.

As a light filtering cloth, it is a popular choice for curtains and casual drapery. The loose weave of gauze cloth creates a quite transparent fabric. The weave makes it a less than formal fabric.

It is believed that the term gauze originated centuries ago in the Mediterranean city of Gaza. At the time, this was the weaving capital of the world. Gaza's fabric became popular and was shipped to many different nations.

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I love wearing gauze clothing in the summer. No other fabric keeps me cooler. I can even wear a long sleeved tunic if it's made from gauze cloth. Since it breathes so well, it doesn't cause heating and sweating. In most countries with a hot climate, gauze cloth is the preferred fabric. Many clothes from India are made with this cloth.

It's true that it can be see through but wearing a thin sleeveless cotton shirt inside solves the problem.


@discographer-- My daughter uses gauze cloth diapers. We are happy with them but I must say that it took us a while to find the right brand. They're not all good quality and some are just difficult to use. The first one we tried were too thin and didn't provide enough protection. The second one did not absorb well enough.

I recommend cloth diapers because they are healthier and more comfortable for the child. It is easy to clean them. Some people have it picked up, cleaned and brought back by a company. I wash them myself and it's easy to clean in my opinion. Just make sure to do your research and read reviews.


Does anyone here use gauze cloth diapers for a baby? I'm considering switching over to cloth diapers but I'm not sure if it will work well. Is it easy to use and clean? And is it more comfortable for the baby?

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