What Is Ganache Frosting?

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Ganache frosting is a rich frosting which contains two main ingredients, chocolate and cream. Some cooks may add additional ingredients to their ganache frosting to alter its flavor or make it easier to spread. This type of frosting is typically prepared by pouring heated cream over chopped chocolate, stirring the mixture until combined, and then allowing it to cool until the desired consistency has been reached. Ganache frosting can be used to ice a number of different desserts.

Traditionally, the only ingredients in ganache frosting are dark or semi-sweet chocolate and cream. For the best taste and consistency, it is generally advisable to use a high-quality chocolate. Some recipes recommend the addition of corn syrup to improve the uniformity and spreadability of this type of frosting. Various liqueurs, such as orange liqueur or espresso liqueur, may also be added to the traditional frosting ingredients to augment its chocolate taste with a subtle undertone of a second flavor.


To prepare ganache frosting in the traditional fashion, cream is heated and then poured over chocolate which has been chopped into small pieces. Once the chocolate begins to melt, the cook stirs the mixture until it becomes smooth, and then allows it to cool, stirring it intermittently, until it reaches the desired thickness. Despite the fact that this frosting customarily contains only two ingredients, beginning cooks may find it challenging to achieve an even consistency when attempting to prepare it for the first time. To make it easier to produce a smooth frosting, some cooks place chopped chocolate in the bowl of a food processor, add warm cream, and then pulse the mixture once the chocolate has started to melt.

As an icing, ganache frosting tends to have an extremely rich, decadent taste. The frosting pairs well with a number of different desserts. It is often used to ice chocolate cakes and cupcakes, and can also be used as a filling in candies or cakes with multiple layers. Using different ratios of chocolate to cream changes the frosting’s thickness. When spread over a cake or other dessert, some very thin ganache frostings tend to harden into a relatively stiff shell, while thicker ganache frostings usually retain a dense, soft consistency.


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