What is Fragrance-Free Lotion?

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Fragrance-free lotion is a beauty product that is used to help moisturize the skin. What makes this product distinct is that it is made without any fragrance whatsoever, just as the name suggests. Many lotions for the face, body, hands, and feet are formulated with some kind of fragrance. The fragrance may be very light such as a faint hint of rose. On the other hand, it may be deep and musky like sandalwood.

There are many reasons why people use fragrance-free lotion. Some men prefer this kind of lotion because so many of the fragrances used in lotions are overtly feminine. Some women prefer to use fragrance-free lotion because they prefer to use perfume to scent their bodies and don't like the way that lotion fragrance interacts with their perfumes. Other people prefer to use fragrance-free lotion because they like to use body products made with natural ingredients and the fragrances that are added to lotions are often made of chemicals.

For those who prefer to use natural body products, lotion with organic essential oil is a good alternative. Although these products are made with essential oils and not what is referred to on the packaging as "fragrance," they do still have a scent. As such, they cannot be categorized as fragrance-free lotion.


Some people use fragrance-free lotion because of a sensitivity or even allergy to either the scent of fragrance or the topical use of products made with fragrance. In order to tell if a product is, in fact, fragrance-free lotion, one simply needs to read the list of ingredients on the label. If there is fragrance or essential oil in the product, it will be stated clearly as one of the ingredients.

For people who like to use aromatherapy, fragrance-free lotion can be a useful skin care product to have on hand. By adding a drop or two of essential oil to fragrance-free lotion, the lotion can transform from basic lotion to an aromatherapeutic body product. A dollop of lotion and a drop or two of the essential oil can be blended right in one's hands before applying to the body. By having lotion without a fragrance on hand, various aromatherapeutic lotions can be made as needed by simply using different essential oils or even blends of essential oils, which is more convenient than having a dozen kinds of pre-formulated aromatherapy lotion cluttering up the bathroom cabinets.


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I always use fragrance free lotion because I get very dry skin but I hate to smell like anything artificial. I want my body to smell like my body and not like a bowl of strawberry ice cream.

So many of the lotions they have on the market these days have really weird and aggressive fragrances. After you get done rubbing it on your arms, legs, face whatever you cannot help but smell like it. Fragrance free gives me a nice alternative to the perfumy lotions

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