What Is Forged Cutlery?

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Forged cutlery is a metal tool, most commonly used for kitchen knives, that has been manufactured and designed to make it sharper, lighter, and easier to use. These types of cutlery are specially designed so that they can handle any task that is placed in front of them without breaking or becoming dull. The majority of higher end forged cutlery is stamped with the maker’s name, the model number, and sometimes even the date of manufacture. This is important when it comes to certain industry leaders, such as top ranked chefs, because they demand the best. It is important for them to know that the money they spend for a quality knife is backed by a well known manufacturer and that they are not getting old, outdated knives.

The forging process is an art that has been passed down throughout the ages. The original forged cutlery sets were made from very heavy, dense metal and were extremely expensive to purchase. Now, this type of cutlery can be found at almost every store throughout the world because the manufacturing process has been refined and nearly perfected. Forged cutlery is a reasonable investment when the length of use is factored into the equation. Since these utensils are mass produced for the public, a specific type and design can be found that fits the exact need for each and every occasion.


Forged knives are produced when steel is heated to an extremely high temperature, until they turn bright red. They are then placed into a die and hammered into shape. This basically folds the metal over on top of itself which makes it stronger than basic metal, and allows the edge to be razor sharp. Because the blade is formed while it is hot, it will cool down and form a strong, durable blade that will retain the sharpness. Each piece of forged cutlery will not only contain a handle and a blade, but a bolster and a tang as well. These two specifications are what make a piece of forged cutlery different than the common stamped varieties.

Cutlery made using this technique will retain the sharpness and strength, as well as offering a kitchen tool that will last for the lifetime of the user. Even though it is possible to forge a knife on a manufacturing line, the best ones are still handmade. This process can take some time, which increases the cost of them, but when considering the fact that only one set will have to be purchased, rather than a new set every couple of years, the investment is well worth it.


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