What Is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?

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Female sexual arousal disorder is a condition in which a woman has a high level of difficulty getting sexually aroused prior to intercourse or other sexual activity. It is normal for a woman to have less desire for sex and a harder time getting aroused when she is facing a good deal of stress, feels depressed, or has been ill. Unfortunately, however, there are cases in which the lack of arousal is extreme or persistent, and such cases are often referred to as female sexual arousal disorder.

When a woman has female sexual arousal disorder, her ability to feel physically aroused is impaired. In addition, there are other physical symptoms that commonly develop when a woman has this disorder. For example, she may lack the genital swelling that usually occurs when a woman is in a state of sexual arousal; she may also lack the vaginal lubrication that typically accompanies the physical readiness for sex. Her libido is likely to be affected as well. This seems only logical, as a woman who cannot become aroused is less likely to have a normal sex drive.

There are many factors that can lead to female sexual arousal disorder. For example, hormonal changes may sometimes lead to it, as can sustained periods of stress or problems in a relationship. Neurochemicals that are released by the brain can also affect a woman’s ability to become sexually aroused. When they are not released or are released in abnormally low levels, the result may be female sexual arousal disorder.

Sometimes psychological issues can also play a role in a woman’s ability to become sexually aroused. For example, some women experience sexual arousal difficulties that are related to sexual abuse that occurred in the past. Sometimes mental illness or some type of substance abuse is at fault. Additionally, a woman may experience sexual arousal disorder that is related to a poor body image, restrictive religious ideas, or the idea that sex is dirty. Even embarrassment about sexual feelings may play a role in this problem.

Usually, treatment for female sexual arousal disorder includes sex therapy. Some medications may be helpful for treating this condition as well, including those that help to restore a woman’s natural balance of hormones. Additionally, it is generally important for a woman and her sexual partner to understand how her body works. Many women need foreplay to become sufficiently aroused and experience optimal enjoyment of sex.

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