What Is Fajita Seasoning?

G. Wiesen

Fajita seasoning is a type of dry seasoning that can often be used in the preparation of fajitas in the place of a wet marinade. A marinade is often the best choice when time allows for it, as it can introduce a wider range of flavors and help tenderize tough meat. When a marinade is not possible, however, dry seasoning can be used to bring strong flavors to the fajitas. Fajita seasoning can include many different spices, though some common ingredients are cumin, red pepper, cayenne, chicken bouillon, and chili powder.


Unlike many other seasoning blends that are often used as dry rubs for meats or other food preparations, fajita seasoning is typically used during the cooking process. Fajitas are often cooked using skillets or pans at very high heats, but they can also be made simply by cooking cubed or sliced pieces of steak or chicken with sliced peppers and onions. This meat is usually cooked through to a desired doneness and then the fajita seasoning is added to the pan with a small amount of water. By combining water and the seasoning together, it creates a light sauce that coats the meat and vegetables. The sauce is then cooked down until little actual liquid remains.

Chicken fajitas can be seasoned using a dry rub before the meat is cooked.
Chicken fajitas can be seasoned using a dry rub before the meat is cooked.

Fajita seasoning can be purchased from different manufacturers in various prepackaged blends. The lists of ingredients for these packaged seasonings can be somewhat limited, however, and often indicates only a few of the seasonings and other ingredients. While common fajita seasoning ingredients include salt, onion powder, and cayenne pepper, some of these prepackaged seasonings also contain preservatives and sweeteners.

It is easy for a person to make his or her own fajita seasoning, and this allows the person to control what is added. This is important not only because it allows someone to make the seasoning match his or her own tastes, but also allows him or her to avoid additives that may have negative effects on those who ingest them. Fajita seasoning can be made quite easily by combining a number of seasonings together in a small jar or other container. Common ingredients includes chili powder, ground cumin, crushed red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, onion and garlic powders, and crushed or powdered bouillon for additional flavor.

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