What Is Fairy Stone State Park?

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Fairy Stone State Park is a public park run by the state of Virginia, in the United States. It consists of about 4,537 acres (18.36 square kilometers) of land near the town of Stuart, Virginia. Fairy Stone State Park gets its name from the coveted, cross-shaped staurolite crystals that can typically be found in abundance there. Local legend has it that these stones came into being when fairies, who were said to have inhabited this region many centuries prior to the lifetime of local Native American Chief Powhatan, received news of the death by crucifixion of Jesus Christ. The legend goes on to say that the fairies were so distraught by this news that they burst into tears, and that these tears fell to the ground, turned to stone and took the shape of crosses.

Virginia's biggest state park, Fairy Stone State Park was created from land contributed by local newspaper magnate Julius B. Fishburn in 1933. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built the park's lake, cabins, campsites, and other facilities. The park typically offers both tent and cabin camping facilities to visitors. Fairy Stone State Park also offers about 9 miles (14.5 kilometers) of hiking trails for visitors. Swimming at the park's lake is usually permissible during the summer months, and fishing is also usually allowed for those with proper licensing.


This park is generally famous for the staurolite crystals that can often be found on its grounds. These crystals are usually made up of a combination of iron, silica, and aluminum. The mineral molecules typically form into crystals at sharp angles to one another, so that the fully formed staurolite crystals usually take on a cross shape. These crystals may appear shaped like the letter X, like a Roman-style cross, or like a Maltese cross. The stones are often used as ornaments, and have been attributed with magical protective powers in the past.

The land that now comprises Fairy Stone State Park is believed to have originally belonged to the Native Americans under Chief Powhatan until about 1780. At this time, the land was transferred to a European named George Hairston. Hairston and his brother, John, established an iron forge, which remained in their family until the time of the Civil War, when the they sold the land and the forge fell into disuse.


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Post 3

One of the most notable events help in the state of Virginia is held at Fairy Stone State Park. The park hosts a retreat for active military troops each year. I think this is another reason the park should be recognized.

Post 2

When I am camping, I prefer going to the heart of the forest and pitching a tent near a stream in the middle of nowhere. However, my family does not necessarily share my love for being isolated in nature.

Fairy Stone Park is well suited for a relaxing camping trip with the family. Firstly, there are fire rings, which will make the maintenance of a camp fire easier, and much safer for the inexperienced camper. The park allows you to have two vehicles parked near the camping area. This includes your RV and whatever other vehicle you might have.

The parking area is paved, which came in handy when we were there because it rained at least a

little each day of our vacation. There is additional parking farther from the main camping area. These parking lots can be used for any vehicles beyond the two allowed at the camp site.

There are more primitive camp sites, but water and electricity is available in some of the sites as well. Swimming and boating are available as well as other activities you would expect, such as hiking, horseback riding and bicycling. And there are plenty of picnic areas.

All and all, I would recommend the park for camping, even though I prefer more secluded places.

Post 1

I am trying to learn more about the camping accommodations and rules in Fairy Stone Park, but I am also wondering what the camping experience might be like in that area in general. Whether it is because of overcrowding or poor facilities, some parks are not good for camping, even though they advertise to attract campers.

Has anyone camped in Fairy Stone, or heard anything from someone who did?

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