What is Facilities Maintenance Software?

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Facilities maintenance software helps companies organize and track information about maintenance of equipment, assets, and property. This software can be web-based, meaning the company that sells the program manages the information on an outside server, or the program may be internally managed on a Local Area Network (LAN) server by the company that purchased the software. The software is also called maintenance management software and in many cases, companies use these terms and related software interchangeably.

This software is most useful for companies that are required by law, industry standards, or internally established criterion to regularly perform and monitor maintenance on equipment, assets, and property. The software may be industry-specific; company-specific, fine-tuned for the specific functions and goals of one organization; or general. Some facilities maintenance software can analyze individual department performance, while other programs are only capable of addressing the company as a whole.

Pricing for facilities maintenance software programs depends mainly on the range of the software's capabilities. Common features of popular packages include tracking and maintaining work orders, such as job scheduling and materials management; asset management, including equipment and property data, contracts, and warranties; preventive maintenance; inventory control; and safety information. Additional industry-specific categories are available with many facilities maintenance software programs, either as part of the basic package or for additional fees.


Features and assets of packages vary and include features such as the ability to analyze data and create status reports and detailed summaries of maintenance activities. Other software options can include automatic scheduling of preventive maintenance based on meter readings or equipment recommendations, notification of expiring warranties or service contracts, materials purchasing schedules, and automatic shipment tracking. If the software is internally managed, the preferred options can be customized to meet specific company needs. In addition to keeping maintenance management and support personnel informed of daily activities, facilities maintenance software can provide database evidence of maintenance that was completed as scheduled or other documentation that may be vital to solving internal and external disputes.

As a company's facilities maintenance software needs change or expand, the principles often consult with experts in their specific field to determine if there are supplementary programs that can be added to the existing software. These upgrades can be industry-specific or may simply expand the capabilities of inventory, asset management, and other categories to enhance the value of the database. Depending on the age and expansion capabilities of the program in place, it is sometimes more cost-effective to simply replace the existing software.


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