What is Facial Acupressure?

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Acupressure is a Chinese art that involves applying pressure with the hands and fingers to specific points on the body to increase the flow of energy and blood to the area. Facial acupressure applies the technique to certain points on the face, stimulating circulation to the skin, nerves, and muscles. This practice, which is sometimes referred to as an acupressure face lift, offers many health benefits for the facial tissues in addition to improving the appearance of the face.

The primary purpose of all acupressure, including facial acupressure, is to allow energy to travel correctly along the meridians, or pathways, of the body. Energy that is trapped or blocked is released so that it can flow through the body. This promotes healing and proper function of the tissues.

Several positive physical benefits can be realized by using facial acupressure. The flow of blood and lymph is increased, introducing more oxygen and carrying away toxins from the area. The skin is tightened and toned, and collagen production may be improved. Massaging the face and applying pressure to the acupressure points can help relieve stress and reduce tension. Pain such as headaches or eye strain may also be reduced.


Another benefit of facial acupressure is its effect on the appearance of the skin. It is often used as an anti-aging treatment to address flaws such as wrinkles, sun damage, or sagging skin. By stimulating blood flow and collagen production, the skin can gain a smoother, firmer, and overall healthier look.

One major advantage of facial acupressure is that it offers a non-surgical option for improving the look of the face. This makes it an attractive alternative for people who want to look better but are not interested in having a surgical procedure. It is not a quick fix, however, and several treatments may be needed to see significant results, which will still probably not be as dramatic as a surgical face lift. Also, in order to maintain the positive effects, ongoing treatments will likely be required.

Facial acupressure can be performed by a massage therapist or other certified professional, or a person can perform it on his or her own face. The treatment is typically available in spas and other treatment centers, and will be performed by someone trained in the technique. Someone interested in enjoying the benefits of facial acupressure without paying for professional treatments can learn some of the techniques from instructional books or videos and do it themselves at home, but may not get the full benefits of a professional procedure.


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