What is Eyelash Enhancement?

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Eyelash enhancement is using a specific product or procedure to get visibly thicker and fuller eyelashes. There are several ways to accomplish this. False eyelashes can be purchased and glued onto the natural lash, or heavy mascara can be also be used to magnify the lashes. Curly and full eyelashes are important for outlining the eye and scarce or thin eyelashes can take from away the natural beauty of the eyes. Eyelash enhancement can help to make the eyes appear larger and more pronounced.

In determining how to enhance the lashes it is important to consider when they will be needed. If there is an event or social function that requires formal attire, an eyelash enhancement that promotes a severe and more dramatic look should be used. For daytime eyelash enhancement, moderate strength mascara may be sufficient. This also depends on the specific problem that is causing the thinner, barely noticeable eyelashes.

The eyelashes can become thin and break off for several reasons. Excessive use of an eyelash curler, allergies to make up products, and certain illnesses or medications can cause a thinning of the lashes. Natural light blond hair can also be accompanied by lighter eyebrows and lashes, making them appear non-existent. Adding volume can help with these problems.


Mascaras can boost eyelash enhancement and there are many kinds from which to choose. These add length, volume, and color to the lashes. Some types of mascara applicators are curved to promote a natural curl of the eyelash.

Strands of artificial eyelash hair can be added to the lashes to make them appear thicker and these are referred to as extension lashes. The individual hair can be placed only in the areas where it is needed. This helps to produce a more natural looking eyelash. A full or false eyelash can be placed directly over the natural lash line. False eyelashes are commonly used when most or all of the eyelashes are missing.

A doctor or dermatologist can also help with eyelash enhancement. Doctors can prescribe medications that over time can help the eyelashes to grow in thicker and darker. The medication is a solution that is added to the lash line everyday. It can take up to 16 weeks to see any noticeable difference in the appearance of the eyelashes. Certain side effects that include redness of the eyes or severe itching have been associated with using these types of drugs.


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Post 3

@turquoise-- Why don't you get eyelash extensions? These are not like false eyelashes, they are applied to your own eyelashes and last two to three months. You can get it done at most salons now. They're awesome.

Post 2

@turquoise-- Eyelash enhancers like serums and gels are a hit or miss. They work for some people and do absolutely nothing for others. One thing is for sure, it takes time to see results. So if you're using one, make sure to use it daily for about two months, or it's not going to do anything.

My sister and I used the same eyelash enhancing gel last year. It helped her eyelashes grow longer but it didn't do anything for me.

You can also use castor oil or almond oil to nourish and enhance eyelashes.

Post 1

I'm so bad with fake eyelashes. I can never put them on right and when I do, it doesn't look natural.

I just bought an eyelash enhancer serum that claims to regrow eyelashes and thicken them. I really hope it works because this is my only hope right now. I have very sparse and short lashes. I can count each individual lash, that's how sparse it is.

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