What is Eyelash Dye?

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Eyelash dye is a hair dye applied to the eyelashes for cosmetic purposes. There are many different kinds of eyelash dyes on the market with several different kinds of applicators. The use of eyelash dye is controversial because some people have had severe allergic reactions to some of their ingredients, with symptoms ranging from swelling to blindness.

People choose to dye their eyelashes for many different reasons. Often, it is the finishing touch after their hair has been dyed a radically different color than their natural shade. Their eyebrows and eyelashes will then be in a contrasting color, an effect which can sometimes be jarring. In other cases, people enjoy the convenience of not having to apply mascara every day to make their eyelashes stand out. Those with extremely light eyelashes may also use permanent eyelash dye so that their features look more regular.

Salons often offer eyelash dying services, and there are even some that will send technicians to an office so individuals can be dyed over a lunch break. There are also sometimes an array of home kits available. Some kits require people to mix two tubes of dye together before applying it with an eyelash brush, while others come pre-mixed in a tube, like mascara. Depending on the brand, one application will last anywhere from several days to several months.


The safety of using eyelash dye in salons or in home kits is controversial. The dye often contains peroxide, ammonia and other chemicals which can cause allergic reactions and blindness. Those concerned will need to research their products before using them. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a list of dying products they have cleared as safe for human use.

There are several methods one can use when applying eyelash dye to get the best results. Like all dyes, it it is important to dye a test patch before dying all of the hair to check for the possibility of an allergic reaction. Any kind of hair dye can also stain the skin—for that reason, it is important to use a barrier of Vaseline™ around the eyes when dying eyelashes. Eyelash dye can be applied using a wand, much like mascara, but it is important to apply the dye to both the top and bottom of the lashes. The lashes will also need to be re-dyed periodically, as "roots" will show after eyelash growth.


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Post 3

@burcin-- If you are allergic to hair dye, don't get your eyelashes dyed. If not, it's a good idea to go to the salon for the first time and then you can continue with home kits as they are much cheaper.

Post 2

@burcinc-- I had my eyelashes tinted before. It was great! I have very fair eyelashes that are very difficult to see when I don't have mascara on. So tinting worked great for me. It made my eyelashes black and I didn't have to wear mascara until the lashes grew out. I would just curl my lashes in the morning and go!

I did not have any adverse reactions but I did have a patch test before I had it done. The salon I went to made me get the patch test for twenty-four hours. Since I didn't have any allergic reaction, I was cleared to have the tinting done. I think this is great because people who get

the home eyelash dye kits might forget to do the patch test.

My suggestion to you would be to go to a good salon and talk to the people there about eyelash dyeing. Ask them what type of chemicals the dye contains and also request the patch test. If the patch test results are okay and if you feel that you are in good hands, I would go for it!

Post 1

I want to dye my eyelashes but I'm scared. The last time I dyed my hair at home, I almost had an asthma attack from the fumes. What if I get some of the eyelash dye in my eye?! I don't even want to think about that possibility, so I think I'm going to skip.

Just curious though, has anyone had their eyelashes tinted or dyed? What was it like? Did you have any adverse reactions?

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