What is Eye Makeup Remover?

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Eye makeup remover is a cleansing product that quickly and easily removes eye makeup without irritating the eyes. It is particularly effective against long-wearing or waterproof eye makeup. Eye makeup remover comes in many different formulations for convenience and individual preference.

There are many reasons to a remover to take off eye makeup. First, simply washing the face with soap and water may not be effective at removing eye makeup, and it can be painful to get soap in the eyes. In addition, eye makeup that is left on the eyes overnight can cause redness and irritation the next day. Rubbing the eyes to remove makeup can stretch the skin in the delicate eye area, which can lead to wrinkles.

Eye makeup remover typically comes in gel, liquid, or cleansing pad form. It is generally oil-based, though there are some oil-free versions for people who are sensitive. It also comes in hypoallergenic and natural versions for particularly sensitive eyes. In general, however, this type of makeup remover is always designed to be very gentle.

To use a gel or liquid eye makeup remover, it is necessary to first apply the product to a cotton ball or makeup sponge, then gently sweep it over the eye. Remember not to tug at the eyes. It should only take a few sweeps of the makeup remover to remove the makeup completely. Eye makeup remover that comes in a cleansing pad is convenient for travel, because all one needs to do is take a cleansing pad out of the jar and sweep it over the eyes. This type tends to be slightly more expensive, however.

Eye makeup remover may have other beneficial features as well. Some are designed to include ingredients to cool and soothe the eyes, while conditioning the skin. Chamomile is a popular inclusion, as well as olive oil or even milk. Though it may take some trial and error to find an effective yet gentle makeup remover, it is an important addition to other cleansing products for the face. Keep in mind that it should only take two or three swipes to completely remove eye makeup, and there shouldn't be any eye makeup smudged on the eyes when waking the next day; if there is, try a different makeup remover.

This type of makeup remover may also be used for removing long-wearing cosmetics such as lipstick or cheek stain. It is gentle on the skin and should not clog the pores. Some people find also success using baby oil for makeup removal, instead of a designated makeup remover, because it is very gentle on sensitive skin.

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Post 4

Aloe vera is one of my eye makeup remover ingredients, and I think this is what makes it so soothing. If my eyes are tired after a long day or if I've been out in the hot sun for awhile, this remover relieves my eyes a lot.

Aloe vera is cooling, and it seems to seep right through my eyelids and cool my very eyeballs. I keep both a gel and a cleansing pad form of this remover around, and I use the pads when I'm traveling.

The gel is a little bit more effective at providing relief than the pads, but the pads remove my makeup just as well as the gel. It's convenient to have the wiping cloth and the remover combined into one, because I don't need to use any extra hotel wash cloths to take off my makeup.

Post 3

@Perdido – My sister uses an extra virgin olive oil eye makeup remover, and she says it has actually improved the texture and appearance of her skin. She isn't prone to breakouts like you are, though, so I'm not sure what would happen if you used it.

She had some of the oil in her kitchen, but she rarely cooked with it. She had heard that it could be used to remove makeup, so she started using it to take off everything from mascara to powder.

Since she used it all over her face, her skin got softer and smoother. However, our cousin is a dermatologist, and he told her that if she kept using it constantly, then in

about four weeks, she would have clogged pores because of it.

He told her she could use it for a few weeks at a time, and then she should switch to using an actual face wash. She could alternate between the two.

Post 2

Has anyone here ever used pure olive oil as makeup remover? I have read a couple of posts on makeup sites from people who say they have tried it, and they say it works great.

My concern is whether or not it would clog my pores. I have to use noncomedogenic eye makeup, or my eyelids will get covered with tiny bumps. So, I'm a little afraid to introduce an oil to my skin.

It does seem like pure oil would slick the makeup right off my eyes, though. I'm tempted to try it just to see what would happen.

Post 1

I have found that the same cream I use on my face to remove my foundation and blush makes a great gentle eye makeup remover. It is designed to both cleanse and take away the makeup, and it never irritates my skin.

What I usually do is wet my face and slather on the makeup remover like a mask. I even slather it on my eyelids.

I then take a damp cloth and start wiping away my facial makeup. I save the eyelids for last, and I use a clean section of the cloth to wipe across them two or three times.

That takes off all my eye makeup. I finish up by splashing cold water all over my face and eyelids to rinse off any residue.

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