What Is Executive Team Building?

K.C. Bruning

Executive team building is the process of improving the way top level employees work as a unit. Some of the issues addressed may include strategy, communication, and recurring problems. The process is similar to other kinds of corporate team building. A key difference is that building a thriving executive team can have a strong impact on several aspects of a company, including the way it is run, the overall work environment, and the kind of behavior modeled for other employees.

Team building can occur during extreme sport games.
Team building can occur during extreme sport games.

There are several different ways to approach executive team building. While it can be conducted at the company site, it is often planned in another location. The company may rent space for a day, or more, so that the team can concentrate fully on team building exercises. Some businesses have overnight sessions and perhaps an out-of-town location.

The goal of executive team building is to help executives to lead more effectively.
The goal of executive team building is to help executives to lead more effectively.

Executive team building is usually facilitated by an outside contractor. One of the reasons this is a popular option is that the group has the benefit of getting the perspective of an objective professional. An outsider can often find solutions to problems that are not clear to the workers who deal with them every day. A contractor can also draw from past experiences executive team building with other clients and thus bring a richer and more diverse perspective to the training process.

Often one of the first issues addressed during an executive team building session is organizational strategy. The primary goal is to ensure that all executives understand and are in agreement as to what kind of strategy will best help the company to achieve its goals. Once this is clear, the team may progress to other issues.

Another common element of executive team building is conflict resolution. In many cases, the primary purpose of the team building session is to identify and resolve problems that prevent executives from working together effectively. This can include lack of trust, poor communication, and misunderstandings about individual and group roles. A contractor can act as a mediator with these kinds of issues and help the team to reach a consensus for how to approach future relations.

Executive team building also often includes activities geared towards developing leadership skills. The goal is to help executives to lead more effectively both individually and as a group. This can include improving employee management, learning to set the proper tone as company leaders, and strengthening executive bonds in order to present a more effective front for the company.

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