What Is Energy Psychology?

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Energy psychology is a field of psychology that combines mainstream psychological research and techniques with metaphysical concepts involving human spirituality and the energy fields found throughout the human body. This does not necessarily refer to a single psychological practice, but rather to an approach to psychology that views manipulation of energy in the human body as a means of dealing with psychological problems. Different approaches can include methods such as manipulation of a person’s electromagnetic field or chakras. Energy psychology is often utilized for dealing with stress and anxiety, especially phobias, or handling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

While energy psychology may not necessarily be a commonly acknowledged or utilized field of psychological study, it has grown in popularity since the 1980s. In general, the practices utilized in this type of psychology combine the scientific developments of psychological research with different aspects of metaphysical studies and concepts. This combination usually centers on how energy exists and moves throughout the human body, and how this relates to the moods and emotions a person experiences. Though not all psychological professionals may see energy psychology as a sound concept, the human body does run on electrical impulses that travel throughout the central nervous system; energy psychology simply seeks to utilize and manipulate this energy.


There are a number of different approaches to healing through energy manipulation that can be used in energy psychology. The approach used by a practitioner of this type of psychology often depends on his or her own preferences, and the methods he or she may have had success with in the past. One of the most common methods of energy manipulation involves the idea of a bioelectric and electromagnetic energy field that exists around and throughout a person. By manipulating this energy field, through standard psychological treatments and the use of crystals or mild electrical stimulation, a patient may be helped in reducing stress or anxiety.

Chakras are often utilized in energy psychology as well. The chakras are seven points along a person’s body where his or her energy is believed to naturally amass and concentrate. By awakening and manipulating these energy points, the way in which energy moves throughout a person’s body can be altered. This is done to help the person become more in tune with his or her own natural rhythms and state of being. The use of chakra alignment and similar methods is quite popular in energy psychology, and can help a person come to feel a greater sense of control over anxiety, phobias, and other disorders that may be affecting him or her.


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