What Is Energy Meditation?

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Energy meditation encompasses a wide range of different meditation techniques and knowledge. In general, however, it is based on working with the different types of energy that an individual has within himself or herself, as well as the energy is said to surround people every day in the world. Some people believe that at a most basic level, everything is simply different manifestations of energy, and that meditating on this is a good way to gain perspective, among numerous other benefits. Others focus energy meditation more on personal, internal energy, such as aligning the chakras -- energy centers in the body -- or meditating on aura. There is really no right or wrong way to do these meditations, and there are many common approaches to them.

There are a number of courses and instruction guides to be found online or at the library that attempt to teach meditation. Numerous in-person classes and retreats exist for this purpose as well. Regardless of the method an individual chooses to learn energy meditation, experts generally recommend starting small and taking it slow. This will help prevent becoming frustrated with the process and giving up entirely. For example, beginning by sitting in a comfortable position, and attempting energy meditation for just five minutes a day is often an excellent start; as abilities increase, the time spent meditating can naturally increase as well.


One of the most commonly discussed ways to practice energy meditation is to sit quietly and attempt to visualize the surrounding world as being purely made up of energy. In this way, the barriers begin to come down between the person doing the meditating, and everything else around him or her. Some people find this to be a great way to improve their perceptions of everyday life, to make themselves more aware, and to gain a little perspective. A frequent goal of meditation is to decrease feelings of separateness; this type of energy meditation can really help to do that.

A second type of energy meditation is more personal. One system of beliefs involves energy centers in the body known as chakras, as well as a surrounding energy known as the aura. People who study this often believe that meditating on the chakras and the aura can help to free up energy blockages in the body, and promote feelings of peace and well-being. As a general rule, any type of meditation can be beneficial for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as improving concentration, but some people find energy meditation to be especially beneficial.


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