What is Energy Flow Balancing?

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Energy flow balancing is a treatment that is included in many forms of alternative healthcare. The focus of any type of effort to effect a balance of the energy flow through the body is to eliminate any obstacles that negatively impact that natural flow. By engaging in some type of energy flow balancing, practitioners believe that the body’s natural defenses have a greater chance of fighting off a wide range of diseases.

In Ayurvedic medicine, the energy flow balance through the body is important to a healthy body, mind, and spirit. If any type of blockage interferes with this energy flow, the individual may become more susceptible to physical ailments as well as emotional disorders. Treatments aimed at removing the blockage are thought to minimize or even eliminate the need to rely on western medicine.

The basis for effective energy flow balancing involves understanding the chakras of the body. A chakra is an energy center located in the body. Seven major chakras are augmented with a number of minor chakras. Using various methods to stimulate the flow of energy through the chakras provide the basis for bring about healing.


Energy flow balancing is found in a number of different disciplines. Acupressure and acupuncture both are administered with an eye of returning the energy flow of the body to a natural and effective state. Reiki and other forms of energy work involve tapping into the flow of energy and isolating points that are blocked. Once the location of a block is identified, massage techniques may be employed to help ease tension and allow energy to flow properly once again.

Most disciplines that make use of energy flow balancing see the body and mind as supporting systems that impact the overall health of the individual. Emotional issues are thought to have physical implications, and vice versa. By using energy work to restore a proper balance of energy flow, both the mind and the body are expected to respond favorably. As the flow of energy through the body resumes, physical and emotional issues generated by the blockage of energy flow begin to subside and eventually disappear.

While energy flow balancing is a part of many Eastern traditions, western medicine does not generally credit the concept of correcting energy flow as an effective means of treating physical and emotional health issues. However, interest in energy work as a means of obtaining optimum health has increased significantly in the West since the dawn of the new century. Today, just about every city will have at least one practitioner in residence that makes use of energy flow balancing as part of the treatment for a wide range of ailments.


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