What is Energetic Healing?

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The term energetic healing covers a variety of alternative healing methods that involve the manipulation of an individual's aura, or energy. Some well-known examples of energetic healing include reiki, pranic healing, and quantum healing. Energetic healing can be performed in person, or as distance healing, which makes it very flexible. It can also be combined with other practices, such as crystal healing, to help enhance the effect.

Reiki is one of the most well-known energetic healing methods and has gained popularity worldwide because of its gentle and non-invasive technique. This method of energy healing works on the energy body of the client to manifest changes in the physical body. A reiki practitioner is trained to receive reiki energy, to scan the client to find problem areas, and to charge those areas to remove energy blockages. There are various types of reiki, but the basic principle remains the same.


Pranic healing works by using prana, or life energy, to balance the client's energies and remove any energy blockages. This energetic healing technique works in a very similar way to reiki and works on the client's aura rather than the physical body. When receiving pranic healing, the client is not touched at all. The practitioner moves his or her hands over the aura to detect any imbalances. According to pranic healing principles, there are chakras in the palms of the hands, and these are activated during training, allowing practitioners to sense the energies of their clients.

Quantum healing is less common than reiki and pranic healing but is also gaining recognition. This is a form of energetic healing that allows the practitioner to influence his or her client on a quantum level. The mind and perception of the client are altered through the focus of the practitioner, and this helps bring about changes in the physical body. It is a common belief that state of mind and focus influence physical being, and quantum healing is based on this principle.

Energetic healing is extremely flexible because it is believed that energy is not influenced by time or space. This means that a practitioner can treat a client without having to touch or even see him or her. This practice is referred to as distance healing, and many practitioners offer their services online to reach clients worldwide. Practitioners can also receive their attunement over a great distance, which means that someone studying an energetic healing technique does not need direct contact with his or her instructor.

Some energy healing techniques allow for the inclusion of other methods, such as crystal healing. It is common for reiki and even pranic healers to include crystals in their sessions since specific crystals are believed to have certain healing properties. The use of the appropriate crystals can help focus the energies and bring greater benefit to the client.


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