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Enablex® is a prescription medication used to reduce symptoms commonly associated with various bladder disorders. It usually comes in extended release tablets and is available in doses of either 15 milligrams (mg) or 7.5 mg. There are various ingredients that interact in order to make Enablex® effective. This medication is primarily prescribed to adults and is not recommended for children. Continued use of this medication usually assists in suppressing symptoms found in overactive bladder disorder.

Darifenacin is the active component in this medication, and inactive ingredients include hypromellose, magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide, dibasic calcium, and phosphate anhyrdous. The 7.5 mg tablets are generally white, and the 15 mg tablets have added coloring such as red and yellow iron oxide. Dosages are typically determined by the prescribing physician and can often reduce symptoms throughout the course of the day. Most patients are directed to take this drug once a day with fluids. Enablex® works to relax bladder muscles, which often causes the urgency to urinate and urination accidents.


Patients with overactive bladder syndrome and other related conditions often experience increased urinary frequency or incontinence, the inability to control bodily excretions. The relaxation of the detrusor muscle, a muscle that controls the bladder, is the purpose of using Enablex®, because overactive bladder symptoms are caused by the tensing of this muscle. Most sufferers of bladder disorders experience sexual, psychological, and other secondary symptoms due to the frustrating nature of the problem, which Enablex® can sometimes aid by relieving the primary problem.

Some known causes for overactive bladder conditions are multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, dementia, strokes, and other nervous system malfunctions. Other sources for this disorder may not be related to a nervous system abnormality, and are diagnosed by urine analysis, a female pelvic examination, a male prostate examination, or an ultrasound to determine whether there are obstructions or weakened muscles. There are serious risks if overactive bladder conditions are untreated, including diabetes mellitus, prostate enlargement, and further urinary complications.

In addition to taking Enablex®, patients can practice prevention methods at home such as reducing or eliminating caffeine intake, eating a healthy diet, weight loss, and reducing daily fluid amounts. This medication is not effective for everyone but there is a large variety of alternative treatments available. There are side effects that can occur when using Enablex®, including constipation, dry mouth, diarrhea, and difficulty urinating. All side effects should be reported immediately to a medical professional.


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