What is Electronic Muscle Massage?

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Many people around the world suffer from muscle pain, and there are numerous ways to treat such pain. Topical ointments, orally-ingested pain medicine, and physical therapy, and traditional massages are just a few ways that people try to combat muscle pain. Technology, however, provides a new way to reduce muscle pain without the assistance of a massage therapist.

An electronic muscle massage is a massage that is provided by a machine instead of a massage therapist. One of the most well-recognized electronic muscle massage devices is the massage chair. This is a chair that is embedded with mechanisms that gently press and roll across the skin of the person occupying the chair. Many spas have massage chairs at their pedicure stations so that clients can enjoy a massage on their backs and legs while having their toenails buffed and painted.

While the electronic muscle massage chair attends to a large portion of the body, there are also machines that target specific areas, such as the neck. The reason for this is that many people carry tension in their neck. An electronic neck massager can release this tension and offer relaxation.


There are also some handheld devices that offer electronic muscle massage. These devices are meant to be used while targeting a specific area. Unlike the chair massager, they do not cover a large portion of the body at one time. They may be used, for example, to focus on a muscle knot near a shoulder blade. Usually, handheld massagers have long wands or handles that allow users to work on hard-to-reach areas.

Another type of electronic muscle massage is electroacupunture, which is also sometimes called Percutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or PENS. Electroacupuncture is a treatment during which acupunture needles are attached to an electronic device that sends electric pulses into the muscles. Electroacupuncture is used to improve general wellness and to target pain. It is also sometimes used to treat vomiting that occurs after cancer patients complete chemotherapy treatments.

It is important to note that electroacupuncture has been criticized by some people in the medical community who have asserted that there is no clear scientific proof of the effectiveness of these treatments. The safety of electroacupuncture devices has also been questioned. Despite these negative responses, some acupuncturists believe that electroacupunture is an effective method for treating specific ailments. It must, however, be administered by a trained professional.


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