What is eLearning?

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Continuing education is important for career advancement, though there are those who seek it for general knowledge as well. Sometimes, however, it's not easy to follow the schedule provided by an institute of higher education. That's where eLearning comes in. For those interested, eLearning is the practice of going to school, not by entering a building, but by turning on the computer. ELearning is taking courses via the Internet.

Some eLearning courses are affiliated with accredited colleges and universities across the country. Students earn credits for these courses. Other eLearning courses aren't for matriculating students and offer either certifications or just general knowledge. ELearning colleges are especially great for learning a new language or hobby.

In many cases, those choosing to take eLearning courses can work at their own pace according to their own schedule. Others have to follow the schedule set up by the school or website. Those who choose to go this route agree that it's easier to attend college through eLearning than to have to show up at school.

There are both pros and cons with eLearning. On one hand, there are no commuting costs to contend with as all classes are attended in the comfort of the student's own home. You can also attend just about any eLearning institution regardless of where it's located. There's even more student interaction than at a traditional college, because many eLearning institutions offer support and resources through chat rooms, discussion forums, critique groups and email.


On the other hand, most educators don't like having to make up separate curricula for their online students. They prefer face-to-face interaction and would prefer to meet in person than via email or discussion forums. When a student enrolls in an eLearning course, he's basically on his honor not to cheat or have someone else sit down at his computer and do the work for him.

Equipment is also an issue. In order for a student to enroll in an eLearning course, that student must be in possession of a computer and an Internet connection. It's difficult to complete an eLearning session at the library, at one's place of employment or on a borrowed computer. While one isn't physically attending a class, one still has to give the work his complete attention. Many students forget this because they're studying over the Internet.

As long as you apply yourself and do the work to the best of your ability, there's no reason why you shouldn't enroll in an eLearning course. Being able to attend class in your pajamas should be reason enough!


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