What is Ei Ta Mei?

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Ei Ta Mei is a herbal weight-loss supplement aimed at controlling hunger, toning the body and burning fat. The manufacturers of Ei Ta Mei claim that as much as 5 to 6 percent of body weight can be lost in one month. One should also consume a lot of water and fresh fruits and vegetables when using this supplement.

Ei Ma Mei contains Chinese hawthorn, oyster shell, sickle pod senna seed and sacred lotus leaf. It is recommended that one capsule be taken daily until the ideal body weight has been reached. To maintain the current body weight, the manufacturers recommended taking one capsule every two to three days. Reports claim Ei Ta Mei has no side effects and can also help maintain the skin's elasticity.

Chinese hawthorn is a well-known herb in traditional Chinese medicine. The fruit of this herb are often processed with sugar and sold whole as a confection. The juice of this fruit can also be manufactured into fruit drinks, and it may also serve as a digestive aide. Oyster shell is traditionally used to support normal blood pressure, maintain normal blood cholesterol and improve heart health.


Sickle pod senna seed has been known to improve vision, lower blood pressure and prevent the formation of plaque in the arterial wall. It may also have laxative, diuretic and anti-bacterial properties. The sacred lotus leaf has been used as a medicinal herb for many years. These leaves are edible and may often be used as a wrap for food. The lotus leaf has also been known as sacred lotus or bean of India.

Ei Ta Mei is said to promote weight loss in specific areas of the body including the neck, abdomen, waist and hips. It may also enhance the natural beauty of the skin. Each bottle of Ei Ta Mei contains 30 capsules and should last for at least one month. Other ingredients include gelatin, titanium dioxide and water.

Ei Ta Mei may be a good option for many individuals who want to lose weight since it claims to have none of the side effects, such as diarrhea and an increased heart beat, that are usually associated with weight-loss products. It also contains natural herbal ingredients with no added stimulants. This product may also be used in conjunction with an exercise program to aid in weight loss.


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