What is Ecommerce Integration?

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With the advent of the Internet and the improvements in mobile technology, many more organizations are taking advantage of the worldwide consumer market by using ecommerce integration. Using a combination of local and online processes, businesses use a concept called ecommerce integration to maximize their revenue opportunities and improve efficiency. Ecommerce integration is the processing of orders and financial transactions by using a website in conjunction with a traditional model of doing business. This allows consumers to quickly make purchases and manage transactions without requiring human contact or support.

In many companies, having a method of showing customers the products and services available for purchase requires the use of an ecommerce system. While the majority of business practices and administration are handled by live staff, the review and purchase process is automated by a computer-based system. This allows companies to become more customer-focused and spend time working with clients, promoting new offerings and making new developments while functions like inventory, distribution and billing are handled by the ecommerce system.

For small businesses, being able to sell products quickly and efficiently by using ecommerce integration is an absolute necessity to staying on top of responsibilities. Many entrepreneurs use ecommerce as a way of getting their products in front of potential customers and providing information and support for their company. Small business ecommerce sites are often called shopping carts or payment gateways, as they are basically a virtual basket that customers can place products in for purchase.


With large companies, ecommerce integration is becoming more and more important as consumers in greater numbers are doing much of their shopping on the Internet. That means even traditional retailers have had to step up their online marketing processes to provide a convenient way for customers to make their purchases online through web-enabled technology. Many consumers use a two-fold approach to making purchase decisions today: first by searching for the best prices online and then by placing orders on ecommerce websites.

There are many industries and organizations using ecommerce integration as part of their processes. These industries include non-profits, health care providers, educational providers, information technology companies, research and development firms, business and networking associations, web design companies and employment agencies, just to name a few. Due to the increase in mobile technology, consumers and businesses are relying more on ecommerce solutions to provide the means of getting information, products and services to others in a more cost-efficient manner.


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Post 2

@indemnifyme - I agree with you, taking care of business on the internet can be very convenient.

But sometimes you just need the human touch, you know? I think what you're talking about sounds good though. If you buy something from an agency web site you would still have the option of calling someone at the agency to help you if you wanted.

Post 1

My industry, the insurance industry, uses ecommerce integration as well! The company itself has a website where people can get quotes and purchase insurance. Also, all the local agencies have websites where they can sell their services to consumers as well.

I think it's a great idea! Receiving a quote over the phone can be kind of time consuming, but doing it over the internet is fast and at the customers leisure. I think offering ecommerce integration to customers actually improves the company's retention rate.

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