What is Eco Makeup?

Lauren Romano

Much of the makeup that people apply to their faces gets absorbed into the body. Some try to avoid this as much as possible, in addition to the potential allergic reactions to the chemicals, by using eco makeup that is natural and typically free of harsh chemicals. Everything from mascaras to lipstick is taking a turn in the eco-friendly direction.

A woman applying an eco-friendly lipstick.
A woman applying an eco-friendly lipstick.

Eco makeup is typically free of many chemicals and additives found in regular makeup. For example, much of it is free of synthetic dyes, perfumes and preservatives. The chemicals and additives are why some people have sensitivity issues to certain makeup.

Eco makeup is free of ingredients like petroleum and lacquer.
Eco makeup is free of ingredients like petroleum and lacquer.

Although mineral makeup has been around for quite some time, it has been within recent years that it has become a popular form of eco makeup to use. It is essentially finely ground minerals that come from the earth and is said to have many benefits, such as being better for those who have sensitive skin. Some mineral makeup also has sun protection properties to it.

There is also mascara that is considered a form of eco makeup. While some may doubt it works well, there are many eco mascaras that are water-resistant and thought to lengthen and thicken lashes just as well as regular mascara. They are typically hypoallergenic, which means they are free of ingredients such as petroleum and lacquer. In some cases, even the packaging can be recycled after use.

For lip glosses and lipsticks to be considered eco makeup, they must be made without the usual artificial dyes and preservatives. They may have natural oils and extracts from plants and fruits, which means they will most likely not have the fake taste that many regular lip glosses and lipsticks have.

Many pieces of eco makeup are more expensive than regular makeup. There are pieces, however, that may be around the same price or even cheaper than some of the typical makeup on the shelves. It is a matter of finding products that work according to the individual and deciding if the price is worth the purchase; weighing the pros and cons before buying can be advantageous.

If you have sensitive skin or have been allergic to anything applied to the skin in the past, it is important to speak to a dermatologist before purchasing any new makeup. Even though the products are considered natural, there may still be a chance that an allergic reaction can occur. Checking first before making a purchase can save a lot of hassle and aggravation.

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