What is Eco Luxury?

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Eco luxury is a term used to describe objects and experiences that are both expensive and created with a sensitivity for environment, ecology, and sustainability. An eco luxury object, for example, could be a couture gown created by a high-end fashion designer that is made out of earth-friendly fabrics. Such fabrics might be natural fibers that are grown and harvested without pesticides and using sustainable practices. An eco luxury vacation may take travelers to a five-star resort that has been built and organized so that guests make the smallest possible carbon footprint. This may mean that the resort runs on solar power, uses water efficiently, and relies on organic and sustainable products as much as possible.

It is also possible to have an eco luxury home. Many people build their dream homes with the environment in mind, and a number of architects have expertise in designing eco luxury homes. When designing an eco luxury home, it is important to use environmentally friendly products. Wood that is used to build such homes is often recycled, reconstituted, or highly renewable. Bamboo, which is another popular building material, regrows very quickly and is therefore often used in these kinds of homes.


Many people also use organic, renewable, and sustainable products when building second homes or vacation homes. These homes may be made with stone or natural tile that is regional instead or imported and may be carpeted with rugs made of natural fibers and low levels of chemicals. All eco luxury structures should also have good doors and windows that properly insulate the space, as well as energy-efficient building appliances such as water heaters.

Modes of transportation can also be part of the eco luxury category. High-end vehicles that get very good mileage, as well as those that use alternative fuels, are part of this category. In addition to being better for the planet than other types of vehicles, these cars are likely to have top-of-the-line features such as great sound systems and convertible roofs.

Bicycles can also be added into this category, especially those that are high end or custom built. In and of themselves, bicycles are a very environmentally friendly mode of transportation because they do not require any kind of fuel. There are also bicycles that are made of sustainable or recycled materials.


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