What is Eau De Parfum?

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Eau de parfum is a highly concentrated aromatic compound used to create perfumes. This type of mixture is usually a combination of scent agents with a solvent or diluting mixture. Though often listed as the strongest type of concentrated scent, the levels of dilution used may vary between manufacturers and is not usually strictly regulated.

Perfume is one of the oldest beauty products in human history, dating back to ancient civilizations. In cultures where bathing was an infrequent activity, heavy concentrations of perfume, like eau de parfum, were used to cover up body odor. Even societies that revered cleanliness have a history of perfume use; for thousands of years, it has been associated with wealth, style, and mystique. Today, perfume is available at any drugstore or beauty supply store, but true eau de parfum is typically only available from higher-end suppliers.

In a modern bottle of perfume or cologne, very little of the mixture is actually what creates the signature scent. Eau de parfum varieties, which are often noted as such on the label, usually contain between 10-20% perfuming agents, while the remainder is oil or a liquid mixture. While this remaining 80-90% does dilute the actual scent, it allows it to be sold in greater quantities and prevents the aroma from being overpowering.


Eau de parfum is typically a more expensive type of perfume than eau de toilette or eau de cologne, because the concentration of aromatics is greater. It is often a much stronger-smelling scent, though this does depend on the specific types of scent used. For instance, a strong musky eau de toilette will probably be easier to smell and more noticeable than a light citrus eau de parfum. People with severe allergies may want to avoid the stronger scents, as they can aggravate sensitivities.

Because of the strength of scent in this highly concentrated type of perfume, many beauty and style experts recommend using eau de parfum sparingly. A common rule of thumb is that a person more than arm's length away from the wearer should not be able to smell the perfume. Dabbing a drop at the throat and inside of the wrists will not only give a gentle hint of scent, it will also help stretch the amount of the product.


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Post 4

Department stores can be overwhelming, with salespeople pushing 14 different bottles in your face. There's no foolproof way to choose a scent. The best guideline is to simply find something that you like and use it sparingly (no scent, no matter how nice, is good in vast quantities).

I'd try a beauty supply store, like sephora or ultra, which have just about every scent on the market so they can allow for comparison testing with way less sales pressure.

Post 3

What kind of feeling do you guys get about Versace eau de parfum? I've been thinking about getting some, but I want to get a broader opinion about it before I commit.

So what is the general consensus on Versace? Any good?

Post 2

@copperpipe -- Here's what you do. Find a girl with whom you are friends (not a girlfriend) and hit Sears or whatever's near you.

Then have her take you around and choose out a bunch of scents. Get the sales lady to spray them on the little paper tabs, not on you; otherwise you'll start to stink and your nose will go dead.

Now, after this friend has gotten a good sample together for you, sniff them one at a time, smelling some coffee beans in between. The perfume place should have them, but if they don't then bring a little baggie of your own. This clears out your nose between scents.

After you've got it narrowed down to a few

eau de parfum sprays, try one or two on your wrist. The heat of your body will activate the scent differently, and you might have a different take on it.

Now the reason why I said to take a friend who is a girl and not a girlfriend is twofold. First, your girlfriend will most likely choose the scents that are her favorites, not necessarily yours, and you'll be tempted to knuckle under. Second, if you ever break up with that girl, you have to go through the cologne process again.

So remember, friend who is a girl, not girlfriend. You'll be fine.

Post 1

So how exactly do you go about choosing an eau de parfum? I mean, there are so many different kinds out there, is there a good way to choose one?

I'm specifically looking for a good male scent, like an eau de parfum for men. I've tried a few at department stores, including the Armani eau de parfum and the DKNY eau de parfum, and those are pretty cool, but they're just not really what I'm looking for.

I'm really afraid of choosing one of those eau de parfums that everybody else hates (you know how there's always that one guy who chooses the most obnoxious scent in the world and then just lives in it?), so how do I avoid doing that?

I'll take any advice, I am so illiterate when it comes to stuff like this.


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