What is Dry Carpet Cleaning?

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Dry carpet cleaning techniques can be generally classified in three ways: bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning, and dry powder cleaning. Whether one considers these methods technically "dry" may be a matter of personal interpretation, but these are considered to be dry carpet cleaning methods by industry professionals. The Chem-Dry® method is a proprietary method that employs some elements of these three techniques.

Bonnet cleaning consists of a cleaning agent that is mixed with carbonated water. The resulting mixture is then misted onto the carpet. An electric, rotating buffer is then used to scrub the carpet. The carbonation of the cleaning mixture aids in lifting particulate matter to the surface of the carpet fibers. The major drawback of this method, as it true of other dry carpet cleaning methods, is that it provides only a surface cleaning.

Dry foam carpet cleaning is quite similar to standard rug shampooing. Like bonnet cleaning, dry foam cleaning requires a great deal of circular motion from a carpet-cleaning machine to lift dirt from the carpet fibers. An advantage of dry foam cleaning is that there is virtually no waiting time for drying. The foam bubbles quickly disappear, with little if any residue left behind. Many dry foam carpet-cleaning systems have a built-in vacuum to automatically lift any residue after the foam is laid down.

As the name indicates, dry powder carpet cleaning relies on a dry powder, such as powdered corncobs, mixed with a cleaning agent. The mixture is deposited evenly over the carpet. A machine with a cylindrical brush is then used to scrub the powder into the carpeting. The powder has the effect of attracting dirt and grime, and the dirty powder is simply vacuumed up.

Chem-Dry®, a franchised division of The Home Depot®, uses proprietary chemical solutions and equipment in a process called "hot carbonation extraction." Unlike do-it-yourself dry carpet cleaning methods, Chem-Dry® does provide a very deep cleaning due to the use of industrial strength chemicals and powerful vortex suction equipment. It's a wise idea to check with the carpet manufacturer for their recommended cleaning method as well as to avoid the possibility of voiding any warranty the carpet may carry.

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