What Is DNA Healing?

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DNA healing is an alternative, holistic approach to resolving emotional and physical diseases. It relies on meditation to release energy that may be blocked somewhere in the body. The main idea behind theta or DNA healing is that most humans only have some of their DNA strands activated. By activating all 12 strands, the body's frequencies begin to restore the physical form to a near perfect state.

Some alternative medicine practitioners believe that the root cause of many diseases comes from past lives, thought patterns or destructive emotions. DNA healing is an intuitive or psychic practice that incorporates many New Age concepts, such as energy chakras, remote viewing, telepathy, connecting with the "Higher Self," and thought manifestation. Theta healing essentially states that a person's DNA can be controlled by the mind.

According to the practice, diseases are often the result of blocked energy centers or chakras. There are seven main chakras that control different functions in the body. If a person is struggling with emotional baggage and issues from his current incarnation or past lives, energy in the chakras becomes blocked. For example, if a person has a blocked third eye chakra, which is located in the middle of the forehead, he may experience frequent headaches and overall fatigue.


Since in this practice DNA is thought to control the outward expression of the soul, DNA healing purports that those cells can be changed through spiritual awareness. By tweaking and activating dormant DNA strands, an individual is able to realize his full potential as a human being. DNA healing doesn't say that an individual is able to change the color of his hair or skin, but suggests that he may be able to slow the aging and disease process.

Practitioners claim that DNA healing can bring about a restoration process that manifests its results both physically and emotionally. Energy levels are increased, hair growth may be increased and emotional issues may resolve more quickly. Those who undergo DNA tweaking may become more spiritually aware and notice things in their environment that point them towards their true purpose as a human being.

Theta healing teaches individuals how to use their thoughts to manifest purpose in their lives and discover who they are. As they become more aware and connected to spiritual forces, they are able to heal themselves naturally. The idea is that everyone is connected to "God" or a "spiritual source." By channeling certain thoughts, DNA can be restructured and activated by elevating the individual's plane of existence or energy frequency.


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