What Is Djuma Game Reserve?

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Djuma Game Reserve is privately owned expanse of land in South Africa in which a wide variety of animals big and small can be viewed in their natural habitat. Guests of the reserve stay in its lodge or in a self-catering luxury camp. During one’s stay at the Djuma Game Reserve, staff lead safaris in which various animals can be viewed. Guests can also opt to visit local villages, to have treatments at the reserve’s spa, and to relax in its pools and on its verandas.

Located in northeast South Africa, Djuma Game Reserve covers an area of approximately 35 square miles (9,000 hectares). Although it is adjacent to the government-operated Kruger National Park, the reserve itself is privately owned. The reserve plays host to an extremely wide variety of plants and animals, although a large proportion of guests visit the reserve in hopes of catching a glimpse of the five famous wild animals: the leopard, lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, and rhino.

Guests of Djuma Game Reserve can opt to stay in its lodge or in a self-catering camp. Those who choose to stay in the lodge typically have their meals prepared by staff members. Guests who opt to stay in the self-catering camp can prepare their own meals. Despite what its name might suggest, the self-catering camp is not rustic, but rather is appointed with luxurious furniture and locally inspired décor.


A stay at Djuma Game Reserve generally revolves around early morning and evening game drives. During these drives, trained game trackers transport guests around the reserve in safari vehicles, ideally allowing them to observe a number of the animals that live there. It should be noted that, as the wildlife roams freely throughout the reserve and the surrounding areas, guests are not guaranteed to see a particular animal during these drives.

In between these morning and evening outings, Djuma Game Reserve guests can participate in a number of activities. For instance, they can go on staff-led nature walks or visit a nearby village to experience the local culture. If they prefer to remain near their accommodation for the day, they can have a massage or other relaxation treatment at the reserve’s spa. They can also use one of the reserve’s pools, or watch for birds and elephants from the comfort of a private veranda.


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