What is Discount Coffee?

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Discount coffee is coffee beans or grounds sold below market value. Depending on the circumstances, discount coffee can be a great deal or a waste of money on an inferior product. Nevertheless, purchasing discount coffee can be a great money saver for corporations, small businesses, or coffee shops. Buyers that exercise caution and common sense can use discount coffee to save money while still providing a quality product.

Some discount coffee is the result of inferior beans, poor roasting, and other undesirable conditions. Buyers must beware that coffee beans may be old and have lost flavor, or be over- or under-roasted and taste unpleasant. Environmentally or humanitarian conscious buyers may also want to avoid some discount coffees, as there is often little information about the origin or growing practices of the beans. For people interested in purchasing products that are organic or that follow labor and humanitarian standards, buying discount coffee is often a dicey proposition.


Low-priced coffee products are not always the result of poor practices or inferior products. Wholesalers are able to offer excellent coffees at discount rates as a result of purchasing beans in bulk. Wholesale beans are often available in large quantities to businesses or corporations at a low price. One concern with buying coffee beans in bulk is the aging process of the beans. If beans are not used within a certain time frame, they will lose flavor and taste stale. If buying discount coffee from a wholesaler, be aware of how long it will take to go through the amount ordered. Also consider purchasing beans as opposed to grounds, as they will retain natural oils and flavors better in bean form.

There are many different types of businesses and companies that can benefit from purchasing discount coffee. Inns, hotels, and bed and breakfasts may all need to provide customers with a daily supply of coffee as part of hospitality services or included customer perks. Any company with a coffee pot for employees can also save money by purchasing in bulk. Coffee carts, shops, and suppliers can also save money by purchasing discount coffee, so long as quality is maintained.

To find discount coffee, search online or inquire with local coffee shops about discount rates for bulk purchases. Many wholesalers will only sell to businesses, but some will open their doors to the public occasionally or for special events. For people living in coffee-growing areas such as Hawaii, or Central America, contact local farms directly to find out about discount rates and possible bulk ordering.


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