What is Dirt Cake?

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Dirt cake, also sometimes called mud pie, is a simple, no-bake cake. It is made using some combination of Oreos®, pudding, and whipped topping. There are many variations to this simple treat. There are also many ways to decorate it, playing with the idea of an actual cake made of dirt.

Dirt cake is simple to make. First, gather up your ingredients. You will need two regular sized packages of Oreos®, four packages of chocolate instant pudding mix, one large tub of non-dairy whipped topping, and one stick of butter or margarine, melted. Prepare the pudding according to the directions, then set it aside.

Put the Oreos® into a food processor and grind them until they reach the desired consistency. Alternatively, put the Oreos® into a large freezer bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Mix a third of the Oreos® with the melted butter. Press the crumb mixture into the bottom of a cake pan. Cover this layer with a third of the pudding, then with a layer of whipped cream.


Sprinkle a thick layer of Oreo⪚ crumbs over the whipped topping. Cover this layer with more pudding, and then the whipped cream again. Keep a third of the cookie crumbs set aside for later. After the last layer of whipped cream, put the cake into the refrigerator to let it set. This will take about four hours. Right before serving, cover the cake with the rest of the cookie crumbs, thick enough to make it look like dirt.

There are several ways to decorate a dirt cake. The most common is by using gummy worms. Place the worms on top of the cake, or sprinkle them through the inside of the cake. Another decorating idea is to place silk flowers into the top of the cake, making it resemble flowers growing in a garden. The cake can be prepared in a clean flower pot, lined with foil, or in a clean bucket. Individual cakes can be created in plastic cups.

There are many possible variations to dirt cake. Chocolate flavored whipped topping can be used in place of the regular flavor. Seasonal favorites, such as strawberry or French vanilla flavors, can also be used. Regular Oreos can be replaced by flavored Oreos®. Mint Oreos®, or any of the other special flavors they sometimes offer, can change the taste of the cake. The type of pudding can also be altered, to vanilla or any other flavor.

Dirt cake is great for children’s parties. Kids are fascinated by the idea of this cake. It also tastes great, and requires very little work to make. This cake is excellent for hot summer days, when turning on the oven for forty minutes to bake an actual cake would be intolerable. Because it is served cold, it makes an fun substitute for ice cream on hot nights.


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The flower pot dirt cake is always a *big* hit with kids and is great for something like the last day of Vacation Bible School, or other kids' event.

They always get tickled when they eat the gummy worms. I don't know what it is about kids and eating dirt and worms...

As easy as this dessert is, it should be a staple in every busy mom's recipe box. Birthdays, Fourth of July, church potluck, family reunion -- dirt cake goes everywhere. Buy sugar free Oeros and sugar free pudding, and you've even got a low-carb version. What could be better?

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