What is Designer Office Furniture?

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Designer office furniture is furniture designed for use in an office and is typically made by architectural or interior designers to create furniture that is practical yet visually appealing. These types of furniture will often feature more elaborate designs or shapes, as well as materials that may not usually be found in office furniture to achieve looks and feels for the furniture that are unique and more appealing. Designer office furniture may also be more expensive than simpler, more traditional office furniture, but the statement made by an office or business full of such furniture can be quite impressive and unique.

One of the major aspects of designer office furniture that sets it apart from other, perhaps more standard, types of office furniture is the designer. As the name suggests, a professional designer is usually responsible for creating or designing the various pieces of furniture in a set. While a single craftsperson is not likely to have made the entire piece, usually an interior designer or other visual artist will design and perhaps create the prototype for each piece. This allows designer office furniture to have a stronger aesthetic appeal and artistic sensibility than standard office furniture usually has.


Designer office furniture will often be marked by the use of strong colors that complement each other and make particular pieces stand out. Chairs and desks can be designed for greater productivity and to take advantage of space in unique and effective ways that a plain desk may not. This type of furniture may also demonstrate different artistic styles or concepts, such as negative space, color theory, and Modern design or Art Deco styles.

Depending on the type of business, designer office furniture might be used only in a few offices to designate certain employees as being in managerial roles or otherwise being set apart from their co-workers. In these types of environments, the majority of an office might consist of standard office furniture, with the designer pieces standing out even more strongly against them in contrast. The usual grays and neutral colors throughout an office space might really set apart a nearby office with a brightly colored or uniquely shaped desk.

Some businesses may instead decorate an entire office using designer office furniture, so every cubicle and chair stands out from what is typically expected in an office. This can include offices with glass cubicle walls, ergonomic chairs that provide greater comfort and support, as well as desks that are joined, sweeping out in greater size, or otherwise unusual in shape and design. An office that uses this type of furniture will usually be immediately set apart from other work environments and may encourage greater levels of creative thought or productivity from employees.


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