What is Dandelion Extract?

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Dandelion extract is usually an herbal mixture which suspends oils derived from undried flowers, leaves, and roots of the dandelion plant in a liquid made of grain alcohol and glycerin. The liquid is generally taken internally or applied externally using an eye dropper. The concentration of dandelion in such extracts is generally 60 percent to 80 percent. Users of the extract often digest up to 200 drops by applying it sublingually in three or four doses throughout the day. Others opt to mix dozens of drops in water before taking the extract.

Many users prefer the freshness of liquid extracts since they rely on recently harvested dandelion; however, dandelion extract can occasionally come in capsule form using powdered flowers and roots. The powder is thought to be less potent than the fresh liquid. Convenient portability, lack of bitter taste, and ease of use are three reasons consumers might opt for capsules over liquid. The capsules are typically taken only twice a day. Liquid extracts made from full-grown leaves can occasionally render bitter supplements, although many extracts rely overwhelmingly on roots, which generally contain very little bitterness.


The dandelion extract is a natural cleanser of the liver, kidneys, and gall bladder, prompting some people to use this extract during holistic detoxification rituals. Impurities, bile and excess water in the body are usually removed or reduced through the consistent use of the extract, which is considered by herbalists to be a diuretic and laxative. Many users and alternative medicine practitioners claim the extract has blood-filtering abilities. Dandelion extract is also considered by many to be good for the heart, since mannitol, a chemical in the extract, can relieve congestion and hypertension.

Vitamins E, A, and B2 are among the nutrients found in dandelion supplements. Protein also makes up a portion of the dandelion’s nutritional profile, which contains calcium, iron, and zinc as well. The helenin found in dandelion renders the extract an herbal treatment for vision problems. The high amount of potassium in the extract balances chemicals in the body and replaces the potassium that can be lost during dandelion-related detoxing.

External use of dandelion extract can treat skin problems such as psoriasis and acne. Warts and fungus flare-ups like athlete’s foot are often cured with ongoing external applications of the extract. Both internal and external uses have been known to lessen arthritis. Dandelion extract generally does not cause severe side effects. Some hypersensitive users might suffer temporary rashes and increased stomach acid.


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Post 3

My dad has pancreas cancer and I've been doing a lot of reading for natural remedies for cancer. This is how I came up on dandelion extract. There was a study done on dandelion extract and the doctors found that the extract causes cancer cells to destroy themselves.

I don't know much about how scientific studies work, so I don't know if this is a reliable study or if it has been supported by other studies. But I wanted to share it here in case anyone else who is reading this is suffering from cancer. Dandelion tincture or extract might be worth a try.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Dandelion herbal supplements have a diuretic effect so dandelion extract will relieve you of excess water. This is how it helps reduce blood pressure as well, by reducing the volume of blood.

Before you start taking dandelion extract for this purpose though, please ask your doctor. It can be unhealthy when taken in high doses or for long periods. It could potentially cause dehydration or toxicity.

Post 1

Will dandelion leaf extract help with water retention? Will it help get rid of excess water in the body?

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