What Is Cybergoth Clothing?

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Cybergoth is a subculture that typically mingles elements of traditional goth, punk, raver, and rivethead fashions. Many of the subcultures that cybergoths take inspiration from focus their styles on antiquated fashions; however, cybergoth clothing is generally thought to be more futuristic in appearance. Clothing often appears in bright neon colors set against black or deep red, and in materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), rubber, or fishnet fabrics. Often, these fashions are tight-fitting and androgynous, or have traits related to both female and male clothing.

Although there are many ways to dress in this style, cybergoth clothing often follows a theme. For instance, short black dresses or skirts, or tight black pants and ripped T-shirts, may be worn as a backdrop for neon green stockings, spiky, fluorescent belts or shiny light-emitting diode (LED) circuit board patterns. Dark clothing may also sometimes be lined or printed with glow-in-the-ddark paint. These themes often include brightly colored accessories, hair, or makeup used to set off the dark appearance of the clothing.


As cybergoth clothing typically focuses on futuristic or science fiction-like themes, it is not surprising to find that much of the clothing is given an artificial or mechanical look. For instance, pants, skirts, and tops are generally made of shiny black or chrome-colored PVC or rubber. These pieces are often accessorized with old computer parts, respirator masks, or PVC pipes and tubing. Although these accessories are regularly done in dark or metallic hues, they may also sometimes be created in the characteristic neon shades of green, pink, blue, or yellow.

Though this subculture is typically more forward-thinking in its fashion sense, cybergoth clothing also occasionally incorporates the more antiquated styles of traditional goth and steampunk. Ripped fishnets and tight vests are a popular choice for traditional goth themes, as are accessories such as gauntlet or opera gloves and chunky boots. These accessories are regularly done in bright colors and are sometimes lined in electrical wiring or tubing.

Steampunk fashion is a sub-genre of science fiction-related themes, and often includes items such as corsets, full skirts, and clockwork accessories. When mingled with cybergoth, the corsets are generally done in bright shades of shiny material, the skirts are often cropped or torn, and the clockwork items are regularly pieced together and sewn directly into the clothing or worn as jewelry. Gas masks are also a prominent accessory in this style.


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