What Is Cumin Chicken?

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Cumin chicken can be as simple or as complex as a cook desires. The dish can be grilled, baked, pan fried, or slow cooked. It can vary in flavor from sweet to spicy, depending on the other ingredients that are included in a particular recipe. It typically is a healthy dish as well, as both cumin and chicken are thought to offer nutrition and health benefits. Additionally, the flavor of cumin often gives chicken an Indian or Mediterranean flare.

In general, cumin chicken is prepared by marinating the chicken in either a wet cumin marinade or by using a dry cumin rub. The longer the chicken marinates, the stronger the flavoring of the cumin will be. Typically, a dry rub will have a stronger cumin flavor than a wet marinade, unless the chicken is marinated for a significant length of time.

The flavor of cumin chicken can be quite varied. For example, a rub can contain a mixture of cumin, garlic, onion powder, oregano, salt, and pepper for a robust cumin flavor. In the alternative, chicken can be marinated in a mixture of cumin, honey, soy sauce, and orange juice for a sweeter version of cumin chicken.


When preparing cumin chicken, the marinated chicken pieces can be grilled whole or the chicken can be cut into smaller pieces, slid onto skewers, and made into shish kabobs. It can also be pan fried or baked in an oven. For people with a slow cooker, it is easy to cook chicken mixed with cumin, onion, and chicken broth or coconut milk. After being cooked for many hours on a low temperature, the cumin chicken should shred easily.

There are many health benefits associated with cumin chicken. For example, cumin is thought to be a cancer fighting antioxidant. It is also believed to treat digestion issues, fight colds, and prevent insomnia. In addition, it is believed to help people suffering from respiratory disorders, such as asthma.

Chicken is high in protein, helping people maintain strong bones and muscles. It is also high in certain vitamins, such as B3 and B6. The breast meat of the chicken is thought to be leaner, making it a healthy choice for individuals who are trying to make good food choices. In the alternative, the thighs, wings, drumsticks, and other sections of the chicken are thought to be more flavorful, but since they are higher in fat, they are thought to be less healthy than the breast meat.


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