What is Cross Training?

It is no secret that exercise is good for us, but sometimes doing the same exercise exclusively can be too much of a good thing. Finding an exercise regimen that you enjoy may seem like a rare find, but your exercising will be even more profitable if you add cross training into your routine. This type of training is adding variety to your exercise or athletic activity, rather than doing the same thing every time. Whether your favorite activity is running, biking, swimming, weight lifting, Pilates, or just taking the dog for a walk, cross training will improve your performance in that activity, while expanding your skills in a variety of other exercise regimens.

A good cross training plan need not be complicated; simply make a schedule that will alternate using various muscle groups and stretching routines. For instance, if you are primarily a runner, you do running stretches and warm-ups as part of your routine. If you use swimming or weight lifting as some of your activities, you will focus on different muscles and stretching routines, as well as use your running muscles in a new way. Remember, whenever you begin a new exercise regimen, you should follow the proper warm-up and stretching requirements, and don't overdo it. Integrate the new sport or exercise slowly. If you are a marathon runner, do not expect to automatically be a swift swimmer. Begin the cross training activity gradually, and schedule in rest and recovery days.

Cross training will improve your body by keeping various muscle groups fresh and fit, while variety in the workout routine helps to prevent overuse injuries. For instance, if you lift weights on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and bike on Tuesday and Thursday, the muscles used for each activity will rest on the alternating days. Muscles rebuild and repair themselves during periods of rest. Cross training creates balance, giving all muscle groups the chance to strengthen and rest, thus reducing likelihood of injury and maximizing strength and flexibility. It also keeps exercise interesting, staving off boredom that can lead to giving up.

If you plan to introduce cross training into your exercise routine, do your homework. Find out the proper warm-up, stretching, and cool-down recommendations for your new activity, and study any safety requirements. If you are unsure about how to use equipment or do specific movements, consult a coach or personal trainer.

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Post 3

I totally agree. Also, you should change your shoes every six months because if not you will run into the same problems.

I wanted to say that I also like to do cross training workouts and what I normally do is run on the treadmill for 20 minutes until I reach 2 miles and then I will do ten minutes of boxing on my Wii Fit system in order to work my upper body in order to work my upper body.

I also lift weights on the alternate days that I don’t run. When I lift weights and do my sets, I normally will do a set of jump rope in between in order to burn more calories

and get a harder workout.

I usually do about four sets of 250 jumps. This makes exercising fun because I'm doing different things all the time and I don't get bored. This is also a way to get your metabolism revved up so that you can burn more calories. You also tend to look forward to your workouts because they are not so boring.

Post 2

Whether you decide to run or hike the same pair of shoes will work for you.

Both the Saucony cross training sneakers and the Asics cross training shoes offer the best support.

Not buying the right cross training footwear will cause injuries including shin splints, pain in the bottom of your foot, and additional soreness throughout the legs. Investing in a good pair of cross training runners will make a huge diffenence in the quality of your workout.

Post 1

Cross training workouts offer an opportunity for your body to work a variety of muscle groups. For example if you normally run, doing a combination of running and swimming might be more beneficial.

Running about four days a week and swimming on your days off from running will give you a complete upper and lower body workout.

Also swimming does not cause any stress on your joints and can actually strengthen your body and help you develop better posture as a result.

Both women cross training shoes and men’s cross training sneakers offer substantial cushion which allows better shock absorption.

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